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Dear Webby
Advice for Boomers & Seniors

Gentle reader,

Though the technology has changed, life's problems seem to be the same year after year. People face the same social and family issues today that they did when we were youngsters.

This advice column will consider some of your nagging questions and offer my gracious opinions in return. That's all they are - opinions. Not fact, not Gospel - just Dear Webby's opinions.

Some questions will be answered by Webby privately if you leave your e-mail. Others that are of general interest will be posted for all to read.

Different Political Views than Friends
Dear Webby cannot understand how intelligent people - friends - don't see the error of their thoughts and join her in her beliefs.

Worn out by Christmas already
Dear Webby feels her pain and offers advice

Use coupon in restaurant when entertaining?
Husband and Wife are split.

Father dating too soon
After death of her mother

Death of a Friend
How to best pay tribute to their life

Dating after death of Wife
Is 5 months too soon?

Valentine's Day Hype
Hubby doesn't want to buy gifts

Husband won't decorate
Are the Holidays ruined?

Private holiday with immediate family
Or the hubub of the whole clan?

Dating after Spouse's Death
The kids don't like it!

Neighbor kids are too loud
What can they do?

Husband turns thermostat way down
and Wife is freezing

Mother- in-law Plays Favorites
Prefers son over daughter

Sister won't pay bills on time
Brother is concerned

Hubbie wants to cancel annual Florida trip
Wife still wants to go

75 year old Husband drinks beer
Throughout the day

Unwanted visitors
Invite themselves for a stay

Grandpa plays favorites
and Mom feels bad for her daughter

Try Angie's List!

6 week summer visit from the grandkids

Two weddings on one day - Friend or Family?

Friends don't chip in on gas - and it is expensive!

Can't afford gifts this year

What gifts for those who have everything

Alone for Thanksgiving?

Hubby talking politics to everyone

Ask out a widow of only 3 months?

Found Skeltons in Closet after Dad's death

Full Figure a turnoff for web guys

Husband posed nude for art - Now what?

Dramatic appearance change - should you comment?

Husband's spending spree - "you can't take it with you"

Golf widow at the end of her rope

Too much e-mail from friends

Inviting ex'es to the new wedding

Wife is a bad driver

Granddaughter dresses like Britney Spears

Husband shoveling neighbor's walk angers wife

Avoiding contact to keep from getting the flu

Wife lies and brags to her brother's family

Shopping, wrapping and sending cards - Oh My!

Using coupons in a restaurant

Too "young and pretty" for the Seniors

Bored with Summer - What to Do?

Should I get that degree - at my age?

Dr. Sanford Siegal's COOKIE DIET™

Son is not paying back a loan

Doesn't want to Donate Organs

Worried about the war and terror

Jealous of a husband's deceased first wife

Lonely and bored in a cold, dreary January

Same old New Years Eve with the gang or something new?

Where to spend the holidays - his family or mine?

Expensive holiday gift exchanges

Afraid of Trick or Treaters coming to the house

Forced to spend the Winter in Florida

Prenuptial agreement - yea or nay?

Out of town wedding invitations

Hubby's grandkids visit for a month!

Official Shop of Baby Looney Tunes

Taking Fido wherever she goes

Flirty Husband getting worse

Returning unwanted gifts

Thanksgiving Meal situation

Unfavorable seating at a grandson's wedding

Cancelling plans with a gentleman caller

Friends don't include me in their plans

Marriage the 2nd time around

Hubby doesn't want me on the computer

Have a problem or comment for Dear Webby?
E-Mail her at:
webby@ClevelandSeniors.Com - the home of Dear Webby - advice for your personal problems - for seniors and boomers age 50 and over

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