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Dear Webby
Valentine's Day

Dear Webby,

Valentine's Day is coming and I dread it.

I remember as a kid having fun passing out cards at school with my friends. Now it appears to be just another forced gift giving event like Sweetest Day.

I am a good provider. I love my wife and children, but I am determined that I will not let the sales ads intimidate me to buy.

My wife feels bad when her friends tell her they are expecting jewelry, candy and the like. Am I wrong?

Not Buying into the Ads

Dear Not Buying,

Webby agrees that many events have become too materialistic. She remembers, as you do, passing out cards to her young friends. Her mother always made red Jell-o. It was a fun day.

Now, as soon as Christmas is over we are bombarded with ads of lovers going to special restaurants and jewelry stores. Some wives, in one commercial, even mock their husbands for not buying their jewelry at a certain store. Give me a break!

We are not all romantics and we should not be intimidated by the media.

If indeed this is important to you (and your wife and family) go ahead and acknowledge Valentine's Day. It is a good break from the winter humdrums. Have something red or bring home a dessert for the family. Get the children to make cards and read the story of St. Valentine. Maybe you could take your wife out or buy her a little "just because" gift in the near future.

Webby hopes you are not just a cheapskate and are really making a statement. A good way to prove it to your wife is by your attention to her 365 days a year.

Valentine's Day and fancy lace cards have been around for a long time. Enjoy it - but don't break the bank to impress some materialistic acquaintances and line the pockets of the merchants.

With that said, Webby wonders if she will be getting dark or milk chocolate.

Good luck,


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