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Advice from Dear Webby
Scared by Halloween

Dear Webby,

Halloween is coming and already I am anticipating it with fear and tension. I am a widow and live alone. I do not resent giving candy to the children but am anxious about opening the door in the evening to masked people.

Many of them look far too big to be children. I don't want to be an old scrooge, or have my house vandalized.

Signed: Spooked by Spooks

Dear Spooked,

With all we read about in the papers, you are not an old scrooge to be realistic about strangers at your door especially those wearing masks. Are your friends and family aware of this problem? They may be able to help.

Here are a few suggestions; hopefully one of them will fill your needs.

Do you have a grown grandchild, niece or nephew or does one of your friends have someone that is too grown up to go out trick or treating but might still enjoy the of handing out goodies?

How about neighbor children or calling your church or local high school. You could give them a special treat.

How about inviting friends over for the evening. Serve donuts and cider and voila - you have a party. You could even wear a mask and have some real fun yourself.

If the weather permits you could sit outside with the neighbors (maybe even dress up!) and hand out the candies and have a great time.

Remember "trick or treat" is more greeting than threat.

If you are not in the festive mood ask a next door neighbor to hand out your stuff along with theirs. Just make sure they tell the treaters it's from you.

If none of the above sounds plausible, go away for the evening or turn the lights off and don't answer the door. The real ghosts and goblins are too busy having fun themselves to stop at your dark house.

If any of you readers have ideas, please let Webby know. There may be many others out there with the same problem.



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