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Dear Webby
Already Frustrated with Christmas

Dear Webby,

Help! Christmas is only a few weeks away and I still have gifts to buy. I need to clean good (company is coming), nothing is wrapped, cards are not done. I'm tired and frustrated.

I have been working on the holidays for months. I have been doing this for over fifty years and I still can't get it right. I do have a job, too, so not all of my time is my own.

I am so envious when I hear people say they are all done, ready and waiting.

Worn Out

Dear Worn Out,

Join the Club! There are a lot more of us then them (or so Webby likes to think). Webby has convinced herself that their lives must be boring.

Webby's goal every year is to have everything ready a week before Christmas and then pamper herself, watch Christmas specials and relax.

She starts picking up gifts in July and still has not finished her shopping. The house is in turmoil. Yes, Webby too is tired and frustrated.

But you have come to the right person. Like the fat doctor (not too many left) who tells us how to lose weight, Webby knows all of the tricks.

Buy early. Wrap as you go. There is no need to wash windows and woodwork and such - we can do that all in January. No one looks at that anyway and if they do, shame on them. Cut down your lists and gifts. This year it is trendy to be frugal. Can you email some of the people on your card list? Do you really need so many cookies?

Do you bring out every ornament you ever got? Be selective and cut down on your decorating. Only use the items you and your family really love. Take time to read Coach Joelle on "Have Your Best Christmas Ever"

When all is said and done, remember it is a holy season. It is about God and your relationship with Him. It is about people and your relationship with them.

Now go out there and have a Merry Christmas, and do what Webby says, not what she does.

Good luck,


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