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Advice from Dear Webby
Husband Becoming a Nudist

Dear Webby,

My husband (age 55) went downtown for the naked photo, despite my protests.

All he talks about now is that event. He wonders about nudism and if we should look into it. I feel it is a sin and get very upset when he mentions it.

Wife of an Exhibitionist

Dear Wife

To some extent, Webby agrees with you. Yet she can't seem to get as riled up about it as she feels she should.

Have we become so calloused that thousands of people went downtown, took their clothes off and posed for a picture and it had no effect on us?

Webby was under the impression that public nudity was illegal and if she (God forbid for everyone's sake) went naked in the same area today she'd be arrested. But the city gave these people permission. Why?

Back to your husband. Webby hears a lot of people thinking it was a great lark. It was fun - "Shame on us we dared to get naked" - not to mention we had permission and there is safety in numbers. Big Deal!

Did your husband see anyone with different parts than the rest of us?

I'm sure the odd balls and the perverts were there, along with the "only there for a good time and something to brag about" it people.

Let's hope your husband had his adventure and in a short time lets it go. Perhaps you protest too much and he is enjoying your annoyance.

As to the nudism don't debate it with him and beg him not to do it - that might be what he wants.

For the time being just remind him to think carefully before bragging about his short adventure. It could indirectly cost him friends and co-workers with different standards who might disapprove and look at him differently now. (In more ways than one).

It took a long time to build his reputation. Ask him to think hard and long before giving it up to peek at what he can see at home.

Good luck,


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