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Advice from Dear Webby
Too Pretty and Young looking for her peers

Dear Webby,

I just retired and am looking forward to senior activities. I look very young for my age and several people have said, "You're too young and pretty to be a senior. You don't belong here." What can I do?

Signed: Want to Belong

Dear Want to Belong,

Had you not included your email address, Webby might have thought this was a playful or insincere question. Most of us wish we had your problem.

You have to remember that seniors (according to AARP) start at age 50. However most people do not retire that early and people of that age usually don't like to think of themselves as seniors.

Perhaps some of the people at the center are 20 or 30 years older than you. Maybe they were just paying you a compliment.

Could the women be threatened by your good looks? Are you acting flirty with the men? You shouldn't have to frump down to fit in but are you dressing appropriately?

I would just fluff off the comment with "Thank you, and yes I am a senior." If you are really uncomfortable perhaps you want to look into other centers where younger seniors attend.

What ever you decide to do - have fun. Don't take life too seriously. You've earned this time.

Continue to keep up the good health habits that have led you to this wonderful problem. Maybe you can share them with some of the rest of us. If you were bag-over- the-head-ugly then you might realize how lucky you are.

I hope you have this same problem 20 years from now.

Now where's my wrinkle cream?

Good luck,


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