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Dear Webby
Use coupon in restaurant when entertaining?

Dear Webby,

We are entertaining people for dinner in a restaurant next month. My husband wants to use a coupon that we have.

I think it might look tacky. We both agreed to abide by your recommendation. What do you think?


Dear Entertainers,

Thank you for your confidence, however this is too much responsibility. Webby can see it both ways.

We discussed it at the office and came up with many different views on coupons in general. We have more questions than answers. Therefore, I will give you our pros and cons and then you are on your own.

If you bought a coupon book, you paid for the privilege of a discount. If you cut it out of the paper, well, that is ok too.

When entertaining business people or people you want to impress ask yourself where you would take them if you didn't have coupons. Then if you have coupons, how can you use them tactfully, discreetly. Not that there is anything wrong with using them. It's just a little classier to do all paying with little fanfare.

Make sure your guests are not limited in their menu choices by your coupon. Read it thoroughly and also make sure they are not outdated.

All things being equal, Webby would check with the restaurant ahead of time. That evening she would approach the waiter/Maitre D' before the meal and inform them that you will be using coupons and would not like to have it brought up at the table.

It doesn't cost the guest anything no matter how you pay; however if there is any commotion about it when the check arrives it could cause uneasiness at the table.

Webby often goes out to dinner (Dutch) with her club. If the restaurant accepts coupons, someone will always remind us of it. Only once did a so-called classy hotel restaurant tell us that even though there were fifteen in the group we could only use two coupons.

We spent several hundred dollars but will not ever return to that restaurant. It was embarrassing and if it were a business group it could have been even more uncomfortable. Be sure to check ahead.

How much will you really save by using the coupons? If you have any doubts and a job (for instance) is at stake, Webby would bite the bullet and save the coupons for another time.

When entertaining family, old buddies, neighbors, or peers go for it! You may be making it easier for them next time.

Either way Webby likes her steaks medium and her beer cold and could care less how you pay for it. As long as you do.

Bottoms Up,


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