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Dear Webby
Different Political Views than Friends

Dear Webby,

It seems like I have very different political beliefs than most of my friends. Whenever they start talking politics I just back off, not wanting to make waves. But then I get home and feel like a wimp for not standing up for what I think is right.

And I don't want them to think I agree with them because I am not arguing. What can I do?

Not Politically Correct

Dear Not PC,

Webby feels your pain. She cannot understand how intelligent people - friends - don't see the error of their thoughts and join her in her beliefs.

It is really a very easy problem to solve. Be calm, yet assertive and tell them you are more than willing to have the conversation but they have to know that you will respond and give your opinion as well. Explain that in the interest of the friendship discussions should be about one of a million other things and leave the politics out.

Someone is sure to say something to prolong the conversation like "I'm sure you must agree that…" Calmly stick to your guns and just say "Are you sure you want to continue this conversation? I would rather talk about…"

It may take a couple of times before people know you are serious but eventually they will. The rhetoric has already started for the Presidential race, so start "training" your friends now or you will have an ulcer by 2016.

Good luck,


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