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Dear Webby
No more trips to Florida?

Dear Webby,

My retired husband and I spend 2 weeks in Florida every January. Now he says he does not want to go due to the Hurricanes. I need the break (especially in January) and look forward to it each year.

I think he might be using the weather as an excuse. I seem to enjoy traveling more than he does.

Married to a stick-in-the-mud

Dear Married,

Not going to Florida in January because of hurricanes is indeed a lame excuse. Hurricane season will be long gone.

Did he enjoy traveling before? Many people, as they get older, become more of what they were before. Do you fly or drive? Did 9/11 make him more cautious of flying? Last winter was fierce. If he had to drive he may be anxious about the weather so why not suggest flying?

Do you have a place in Florida? Do you go with friends? Webby wonders if he would enjoy a trip somewhere else. There are lots of warm places you could go in January.

Webby thinks you should let him know how much the trip means to you and see if there are other reasons behind his reluctance.

Not knowing either of your health problems or relationship it is hard for Webby to suggest, but if it works and he enjoys being alone maybe you could take a short trip with a few lady friends, other family members or a church group and leave him here.

Whatever you decide it should be a decision made by both of you. Even sunny Florida can be miserable if he is pouting and snowy Cleveland can be worse if you are unhappy.

Either way, the two weeks in January will come and go but don't let it ruin your beautiful fall season in Cleveland.

Good luck,


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