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Dear Webby
Uninvited House Guests

Dear Webby,

A former neighbor, whom by the way I never was close with or particularly liked, is coming to town with her two children, husband and dog, for a weekend next month. She emailed me to say a friend was getting married on Saturday. She wants to stay with us and would I watch the children during the Wedding Festivities.

Last year they came and said they would sleep on the floor. Actually, we did. The unruly children broke a lamp and vase and the dog had several accidents. I spent the whole time cooking.

I refuse to go through that again (I had a migraine for three days after they left). My husband is indifferent and said if they come he will take the husband golfing. She also said if we were going to be away not to worry, just leave the key and then added a smiley.


Dear Livid,

This makes Webby livid too. Some people are extremely rude and do not think twice about putting others out.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, some people are just very easy going and if you e-mailed them to say you were going to visit them they would probably be delighted.

You are not asking Webby what to do - you have made up your mind. For your information, Webby would have decided as you did.

If you wish, call her and if you wish e-mail her (normally I would say call, however she invited herself in an email). Tell her that it will not work out that weekend but you will be available Sunday before they leave to meet for brunch.

Do not give a lot of explanations because people like that will try to help you work it out so they can stay and somehow think they are helping you.

If she asks why just say something like "Oh you don't even want to know! It's very complicated and involved and you don't even want to talk about it."

Your health and well being are important. If your husband wants to meet him for golf just get your stories straight. The less said the better.

What ever you do if you email be sure you mark it to get a return receipt so you know when she opens it. You don't want it deleted by mistake and the gang showing up at your door.

Relax! This is her problem not yours. If she is upset and doesn't come again, oh well!

Good luck,


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