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Advice from Dear Webby
Living with a Political Junkie

Dear Webby,

My husband (retired) spends the whole day watching television news about the election. He has definite opinions and shares them with everyone. I mean everyone! Even the delivery people.

Many of our good friends have different opinions and there is much tension when we get together. How can I get him to shut up?

Counting the days till the Election.

Dear Counting the days,

This election has put a lot of strain on relationships. How sad. After Election Day, win or lose, the candidates will go on with their lives, but many long time friends will wonder what happened.

We have all heard the saying "don't talk religion or politics with friends and family", and what good advice that is. Let's face it most people have made up their minds and, try as he might, your husband will not change their opinion nor will they his.

Webby know some wives who say their husbands sit in front of the television watching the soaps or sports or the stock market all day.

It is a hard transition from working nine to five to all that free time and nothing to do. It is especially hard for people who have been in positions where their opinion was important and sought after. Now he is with people who only want to talk about the bid in the card game or their golf score.

See if you can interest him in more productive activities. If politics is his thing maybe he could volunteer and let off some of the steam with people of similar persuasion.

Admire him for still being involved in the world outside his four walls. Webby hopes he will channel his energy. The world need people like him but does not need him to "talk shop" while they are relaxing or at a social gathering. There is a time and place for everything.

Ask him to bite his tongue and not waste his breath trying to change the opinions of friends who have already made up their minds. He won't change their minds but he may lose friendships.

What an election! Webby is now going to take ten deep breaths. She will then rinse out her mouth; her tongue is all bitten up.

Good luck,


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