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Chat with Pat

Reminisce with our resident chatterbox, Pat, and share your memories of the old days or chat about current and future topics.

Or as Pat would say, "Let's Chat!"

Chat with Pat
Meet Pat in her Introductory Column

Playing Games
What Games did you and your friends play as kids?

Terrorism hits the US
Pat vents about the 9-11 Attacks - and you respond

Getting in Trouble
Pat says there was always an adult watching

The Mystery of Time
Pat has questions about how time can drag or fly

Enjoy Yourself and Life
Pat asks 'What are you saving it for?'

Candy - The Staff of Life!
Pat's Favorite Food

Thank Heaven for Little Boys
Who never grow up

More old-time candy (by popular demand)
Remember wax lips, Pumpkin Seeds, Necco wafers, Turkish taffy?

Entertaining - Then and Now
How partys, and we, have changed

TV Shows
Pat chats about what's on the tube

Cleveland Indians Jim Thome
Pat chats about Thome's move to Philadelphia

Reader Feedback
Your responses to recent Chats with Pat

Valentine's Day
Pat chats about the changes to this holiday

Green Thumb? Hardly!
Pat chats about being gardening-challenged

Feedback from the Old Time Candy Chat
School kids want to make Turkish Taffy

Telling the world all about ourselves
Pat follows the clues

Happy 100th Bob Hope
Pat says Thanks for the Memories

From Paper X to FedEx
Pat chats about how home delivery has changed

Ever have a Garage Sale?
Pat chats about her latest adventure

The Blackout!
Pat chats about when the power went out

Where Do Grandma's Come From?
Pat reminds kids that there was life before them

Cleveland's Changing Seasons
As the weather turns cold, Pat chats about the changes in our lives

What's for Dinner?
Pat chats about foods - then and now

Christmases Past
Pat looks back on the Holiday

Colds and Flu
Pat chats about remedies then and now

The Superbowl Halftime Show
Didn't you know Pat would Chat about this?

A Very Special St Patricks Day
Pat chats about the big day

Pat acts as Fashion Police
And chats about Clothes and Fashion

Pat chats about Customer Service
More like Dis-service

The "good" china and silver
Pat chats about their real value

Ronald Reagan
Pat chats about our 40th president

Doilies, porch swings and the parlor
Pat chats about changes in home furnishing

Back to School?
Pat chats about the annual September ritual

A younger male - at my age?
Pat is smitten by youth and good looks

Out of Step?
Pat chats about being different from the norm

Alternative Danny Boy words - By Request
From Pat's Chat about the Irish Wake

Colors of Spring
Pat wonders if Spring will ever come

The Black Toe Club
Pat chats about a "happy" accident

People Watching
Pat chats about people leaving the store

Strange new foods
Pat longs for a club sandwich on white

From winter to summer
Pat finally puts away the snow shovels

Why I still celebrate my anniversary
though my husband is deceased

Grade School memories
Did we really have ink wells?

Gas Prices and Car Pooling
Pat chats about sharing rides as a kid

Best Location in the Nation
Pat chats about our 4 seasons

It's a Dog's Life
Pat chats about how we treat our dogs

Peaches in January?
Pat chats about seasonal foods

Music, music, music!
Pat chats about family sing-alongs

Do you know your neighbors?
Pat says we need more nosey neighbors

Can you hear me now?
Pat chats about the noises in our life

My Dad - James Francis "Bud" Sweeney
Pat chats about her dad on Father's Day

Scaredy Cat Pat
Pat chats about Euclid Beach Park

Cleveland Browns Opener 2007
Pat wants some answers

Halloween Memories
Is that Pat under the mask?

Pat's letter to Santa
She asks for some unusual gifts

Spring Forward? Fall back? Leap Year?
Pat wonders about changing the time

Storms are coming - grab the booze!
Pat chats about how we react to weather

Cable and Toasters and Phones - Oh My!
Pat chats about some consumer gripes

January is Evil!
Pat chats about her January Blues

The neighborhood's adopted dog
Pat chats about stray dog 'Brown'

Face it - I need friends
Chat with Pat discovers Facebook

Shop Till You Drop
Chat with Pat has always loved to shop!

Away in a ... Cabin?
Chat with Pat shares a special holiday memory

The Scale is Evil!
Chat with Pat goes on a diet

Wanna Bet?
Chat with Pat remembers the Gamblers in her family

Chat with Pat

Have something to share or a question to ask?
Want to chat with Pat?
E-Mail Pat at: feedback@ClevelandSeniors.Com

Rest in Peace Pat Hanson

Patricia Hanson (nee Sweeney) beloved spouse of Norman (deceased) and treasured mother of Dan, Debbie and Pat (Mugridge, husband Tom) went to heaven on Thursday November 18, 2021.

Pat was known on this website as Chat with Pat and Dear Webby.

Read more about Pat Hanson

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Pat Hanson - Chat with Pat

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