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Put up those decorations, bake or buy a few Christmas cookies, open that bottle of wine, buy yourself a gift - Like the hair commercial say "you deserve it!"

So many people, as they age, give up traditions and stop celebrating events. They take the attitude that no one will see it and since they are alone it's not worth the effort just for them. They remember such wonderful holidays in the past but now that they're alone… Yeah Yeah Yeah .

Look, just because God called your spouse and/or many of your friends and family to heaven before you does not mean you should stop living. We weren't born on the same day; you don't stop living down here at the same time. God is not finished with you.

Don't just put in the time. Have fun, do your own thing. Use your fancy dishes - no one else will appreciate them like you do. Light that candle you've been saving. If it burns out get another one. What are you saving it for?

I am not suggesting you climb the ladder to the crawl space. But a small fake tree that gives enough light to watch the Christmas specials on television. How about a wreath or candle in the window? If you don't have a Christmas mug (you can get them for a dollar) buy one and have your coffee or cocoa in it.

You don't need a whole ham or turkey like you used to serve on holidays, but buy your self a piece of it. If you enjoyed making cookies and have no one to eat them, make less or give them to the paperboy or a neighbor - just be sure you have a few yourself.

If you are alone or bored or depressed for the Holidays, reach out. There are so many people who are in the same boat as you - don't let it sink. Dress up. Savor your memories of holidays past but also make New Years Resolutions for the future.

Resolve to start having some fun. Resolve to be proactive and Chat with Pat via email. Share some of your ideas on making the New Year better. Say a prayer for our kids overseas fighting terrorism. Have a toast to holidays past and future.

How about one for Chat with Pat? Know that Pat is toasting you. OK, enough toasting or make it ginger ale. You don't want to start the New Year hung over.

Happy New Year!

Let's chat,

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