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What is your take on Valentines Day?

It seemed to be more fun when I was a child (or is just because I was a child?)

We'd buy the small valentines in a box and spend much time deciding who would get which one. They were funny and there was always one in the box for the teacher. Be careful! Put that one aside - can't let it get bent.

We'd put them in a large cardboard box and on Valentines Day, the last half hour before class let out the teacher would either put them on your desk or call out the names. I liked it better on the desk because there might be someone who didn't get any and the popular kids kept going to the front of the room for theirs. Some teachers made sure everyone got one.

The best ones were signed by "guess who" and your imagination could go wild "does he or she really like me?" Who could it be?

Occasionally cookies were passed out and that made it a real party. After school we would sneak up to our friends houses and put them under the mat or mailbox and ring the doorbell, hide and watch them find valentines.

My mother made red Jell-O or some red type dessert.

Lucky me, my Birthday came in the vicinity of Valentines Day and I always got a heart shaped box of chocolates and my birthday cake would be white frosting with those tiny red cinnamon candies all over it.

Do you remember the little hearts with sayings on them? My Husband loved the jelly hearts and as soon as they came out we kept him supplied.

Now the day after Christmas the Valentine candy arrives on the shelves. I even saw some Easter eggs and jelly beans a couple of days ago. (Better take down the poinsettia plant!)

It seems the holiday is geared more toward young lovers, and husbands better make sure they have a present be it candy, perfume or what have you. To heck with the card, that'll land them in the doghouse.

Actually I still send Valentines to a couple of friends, buy candy for my family and have that Red Dessert. When shopping yesterday I saw the small boxes of valentines and the cinnamon hearts. Maybe things haven't changed that much and I have been looking at the wrong places for sentiment like the newspaper ads and TV commercials.

You go kids, hand out your valentines, ring the bell at your friend's house and don't let those yuppies take over your holiday like they are doing to Halloween.

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