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Jim Thome Column Feedback

Hubie said:

I have been an Indians fan since I was a teenager. I remember when we had ball players who were real Indians like Mel Harder, Bob Feller and Bob Lemon. They were real Cleveland Indians.

After the defections of Belle, Manny and now Thome, there is no such thing as a Cleveland Indian. They are nothing more than ball players hired temporarily to play ball in Cleveland.

Anonymous said:

Dolan got taken by Dick Jacobs in the biggest swindle since we bought Manhattan from the Indians (not our Tribe). He had already pumped every nickel out of the team (sold out seat revenues, stock, etc) and could see an aging team with contracts coming due.

Larry Dolan must have looked beyond the business aspects of the team's situation and bought it on emotion. Now we are all suffering.

Anonymous said:

Thome was the one player we thought would pass up the big bucks and give us a home-town discount. I don't blame him but it's sad that that is what pro sports are all about now.

TV Shows Feedback

Anonymous said:

Right on, Pat! I got tired of a local "sky lady" talking about "gawkers" on the freeways slowing traffic because they were watching an accident. I wrote to her and suggested that perhaps people were slowing down because there were flashing lights, an obvious need for caution, not speed.

Couldn't she phrase it a little differently, perhaps and not so preachy? She sent me back a letter saying I had an interesting suggestion. I got a keychain, too. But she still talked about the "gawkers" Vote with your remote is my thought.

Carol said:

I too get embarrassed when a local reporter fawns all over a "celebrity" as they come to town and beg for their opinion of Cleveland - as if their "blessing" will make or break us.

Albert said:

Since when did local news become "entertainment" instead of the news? All of them seem to struggle to fill their time with Hollywood news, the latest diet fads and so on.

And news should be news - not commentary, unless they announce that it is the reporter's views and not the news - like when Dorothy Fuldheim was on.

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