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Black Toe Club

Every time I look at my daughter's black toenail I thank God she dropped an appliance on it.

Am I an evil Mother? I hope not. Plus I feel no guilt. Let me tell you about it.

She talked us into getting another dog after ours died at age 15. My son talked us into another large breed. They both talked me into a puppy (I wanted a 2 yr old).

We went to pick him up in Lorain, quite a jaunt for us East-siders. He was nine weeks old and eleven pounds. He had a brother, a chocolate lab, that had not yet been spoken for.

I held him all the way home. He snuggled into my chest and slept like the baby he was. When we got home we took him straight to the backyard where neighbors and family joined in welcoming him.

He ran, he played, he pooped. This is fantastic. We brought him inside; he was dead tired and went to sleep. This is a piece of cake. Eat, sleep play and do his business outside. What more could we want?

Why did we hesitate getting him? Maybe we should have taken the chocolate lab too; they could play together. My daughter decided we had to go back and get him.

Then, praise the Lord; just before we left she dropped an appliance on her foot. She had to soak her foot and could hardly get around for several days. You guessed it. The dog woke up, wet on the floor and stole my sweater. All hell broke loose, between the dog and her toe.

The chocolate lab was never mentioned again. We came so close to total disaster I know God let someone upstairs cause the accident. They knew we were acting crazy.

I wonder how many times "black toes", or other inconviences and problems are really a blessing in disguise. The little darling eleven pounder is now seven months old and fifty pounds (the largest Lab I have ever seen) and full of it.

Maybe, there is "a little" hope for us with one devil dog but we'd never make it with two.

Yes I thank God every time I see her black toe nail.

Do you have any examples for the "black toe" club where a small accident prevents something worse from happening?

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