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Colors of Spring
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At least the stores are optimistic that some day winter will end.

I went shopping on Saturday and was overcome with all the bright, light and vibrant colors. Even in the kitchen department, dishes were sunflower yellow, sky blue and grass green. They were striped in many colors; tumblers were painted with hues of pink, lilac and orange.

I squealed with delight which made my daughter take my arm and lead me out of the department. "You've really had too much winter and we don't have the space for more dishes!" Kill joy!

Over to the clothing deptment. Wow! Sleeveless little things that made me shiver even in this heavy winter coat. Gauchos are back and jacquards and tapestry are big. All the sheer and loosely crocheted ponchos are arriving. They say the cowboy look is big.

So many uneven hem lines! I love them, but they must all be made for models of 5 foot eight or better. Not us average gals of five four or five.

As I gazed at a short short skirt about 12 inches long (just looking) my daughter panicked and said she had to get home. I wouldn't buy one anyway, but it's fun to look and daydream.

Still in this colorful mood I took out the spring catalogs I've been getting since Fall. Green is really big but not as big as pink. Pink still holds the title but green is big never the less.

On just seven pages I found all kinds of greens (or at least different names of green, many looked the same to me). There was loden, lime, sage, jade, kiwi, aloe, basil, mint, forest and silver green. Everything but my favorite Kelly green. That hasn't been around for many many years other than around St.Patricks day. Then they just use it on sweatshirt with clever sayings.

You gardeners must be ecstatic; the seed catalogs and garden equipment have taken the place of the snow blowers and Christmas lights.

The weatherman says we're getting two more minutes of daylight today. Whoopee!!

What have you noticed that makes you optimistic that winter is declining? Certainly not the temperatures? We better not skip spring and go straight to summer again.

Ok back to reality. Where are my boots? Can't find a glove.

I haven't been really warm since October. Well at least the dog loves it. It's a dog's life!

Spring - we're ready for you…….just bring it on……….

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