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The mysteries of time

Explain "time" to me.

Why does it drag when you're ill or bored and fly by when you're busy or aging? Why can some people accomplish so much in 24 hours and others, working just as hard (or seemingly so), accomplish so little?

Why do some people need to take 10 hours out of their day to sleep and recharge their bodies and some only need 5 or 6 hours? A few, I hear, only need 4. Why are these people given more energy time? Not fair!

Back when I was a child the school year seemed so long, summer so short, and the wait for a Birthday or Holiday was eternal. My Dad would tell me "wait till you get to my age and watch it fly". Nonsense. It was the same 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Hah, He was right! I think there is a conspiracy in the "time" area. When you need it you don't have it and when you don't need it, it's plentiful.

Can you tell that I am panicking? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. No holiday gifts have been bought. I am putting the summer clothes away and bringing down the fall and winter ones, as the Spring Preview catalog arrives in the mail.

Some people are always ready and waiting for Christmas. Do they do their shopping in January and put their fake tree up in July? Maybe they never take the lights down. Or are they given special time when I'm asleep? Could it be that while I'm recharging things are happening around me? Do you think the "wee people" are wrapping, baking and decorating for them as we sleep? Perhaps I should stay up some night and watch!

Just once in my life I'd love to have all the shopping done by Thanksgiving (did you notice I said "all" - no last minute oh I forgot or I "haven't enough gifts".)

I would love to have the cookies in the freezer. I would then sit by the tree lights and watch the holiday specials. I'd write my cards, (without having to make computer labels), wrap the gifts with care, (everyone recognizes my gifts by the terrible wrapping job) and enjoy the holiday get togethers without feeling guilty.

Is there such a world? I really think some people live that way. If you are one of them please share your secret and if you are not please let me know that I'm not alone in the "fast time" universe

Let's Chat………we can shop later, don't want to be bored in December

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