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Memories and Stories

Amy Kenneley Columns

Maury Feren Columns

Joe Meissner Columns

Ron Kitson Columns

Are you Enjoying the Delightful Infirmities of Old Age?
Joe lists the consequences of grwoing old

Is America going in the right direction?
Ten problem areas

A Sad Day for Ireland
The overturn of the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution

Chief Wahoo
Joes' letter to a TV commentator about the Cleveland Indians mascot

'Why did I survive?' an aging Marine asks
Joe thinks he understands

Anonymous Me
Amy was unbranded till this bumper sticker arrived

Doing the Roomba Rhumba
Amy gets a new gadget

Putting on my Christmas Face
Though the scrapbook shows her kids aging, Amy doesn't see that

Amy gets feedback from Great Gram on her wedding day

Who's in Charge?
Amy knows Everyone wants to be in charge sometime

Lunch with a Legend
Joe connects with Lance Woodruff, 50 years of humanitarian work

Oh! Say, Can YOU See?
Amy and the un-singable tune

Mom is One for the Road
Amy remembers Mother's Day

Thinking Spring
Amy says 'Spring can be a grab bag. You never know what you'll get.'

I lost My Mom in the St. Pat's Parade
Joe has 3 recommendations for the big Parade

Just call me 'Father Joe'
Joe feels like a priest in Vietnam

Cleveland Youth Rally for Life #43
Joe says "God loves you" to the angry protestors

It's magic!
Amy remembers when old technology was new

96 year old Alida Struze's book
Joe reports on the author's Magnum Opus

Black, Middle Class and Trapped in Cleveland
Joe sees the results of the foreclosure crisis

Uber Good!
Amy takes her first Uber ride

Battle of Dien Bien Phu, Psychological Operations, and the Thai People
Joe visits Dien Bien Phu in Northwestern Vietnam

I wanna be Wonder Woman!
Amy weighs in on Wonder Woman and the UN

What's in YOUR wallet?
Amy looks in her husband's wallet after 5 years

The House I Lived In
Amy remembers her house growing up in Hough

Uber, Taxis and Travel
Joe meets more people from around the world

My Bus Tour
Amy identifies the different people on her 1,000 mile trip

12 new friends in Australia
Joe's surprise at who he met

Amy's grandson's senior recital

My Mailbox is Empty
Amy can tell the primaries are over

2016 annual Youth Rally for Life
Joe thanks God for sending so many young people

Here Let Us Live
Amy (Nana) visits the Grandkids

Men with Black Bags
and My New Year Resolution

A Tale of Four Christmas Trees
Amy stays Ever Green

Random Thoughts about Life at 100
Keeping Up With Maury

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 7
Last Supper and Birthday Greetings

A squirrelly Thanksgiving
Amy gets ready for Thanksgiving

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 6
Three brave journalists and a courageous newspaper in Turkey

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 5
The Jewish Community in Turkey

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 4
The Srebrenica 'incident'

100 Years of Difference
Keeping Up With Maury

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 3
Catholic in a Mosque

The Fly Over
Keeping Up With Maury

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 2
Wounded in Gallipoli

Turkey Mission and Trip Episode 1
Where have all the soldiers gone?

The Salad Dilemma
Keeping Up With Maury

Blue Jean Farms
Keeping Up With Maury

The Champagne Bliss
Keeping Up With Maury

I salute the Confederate Flag
Joe explains why

Kicking it with Maury
Keeping Up With Maury

Tribute to Louis Stokes
Joe says Goodbye

Sid Blumenthal
Keeping Up With Maury

Remembering The Perfect Peach
Keeping Up With Maury

Amish Produce Stands
Keeping Up With Maury

Euclid Beach Memories
Keeping Up With Maury

Some Unusual Experiences
Keeping Up With Maury

Organic Or Conventional Food?
Keeping Up With Maury

Is There a Curse on Cursive?
Amy wonders why kids don't learn cursive

Who Is Stealing Tony's Book?
Dimora, Russo, Tony and Joe

An Artist At Work
Keeping Up With Maury

My Watermelon Love Story
Keeping Up With Maury

Weekly Produce Report - Tips on Produce
Keeping Up With Maury

Please, Big Mike, Keep Building Cleveland
Joe helps a stranger

Maury's Witches Experience
Keeping Up With Maury

Violence and Domestic Abuse
Keeping Up With Maury

Greek Orthodox Easter
Keeping Up With Maury

Where's My Mom? Where's My Dad?
by Joseph Patrick Meissner

Thinking Out Loud about Food
Keeping Up With Maury

Keeping Up With Maury

Tet Nguyen Dan and a new Morning of Hope
for the Vietnamese-American Community
by Joseph Patrick Meissner

Tin Roofs and Rock 'n Roll
Amy remembers her own Happy Days

Sequel to My Hospital Experience
Keeping Up With Maury

My Hospital Experience
Keeping Up With Maury

Youth speak out for Life
Joe calls for Life and Love

Feeling 'Up' about Downsizing
Amy cleans the house of years of stuff

The Produce Market World As It Once Was
Keeping Up With Maury

How many lawyers does it take to change a tire?
by Joseph Patrick Meissner

Just Thinking Out Loud
Keeping Up With Maury

The US Army Plaque
Keeping Up With Maury

Follow the Cookie Crumbs
Amy' Christmas bakery of choice

Supermarket Fruits
Keeping Up With Maury

A Hospital Visit
Keeping Up With Maury

The Asian Festival
Keeping Up With Maury

Gallucci's - the hidden Italian ethnic market
Keeping Up With Maury

Life at 99
Keeping Up With Maury

There's No Getting Out Of It!
Amy considers Volunteer's Remorse

Fall is Leaving, Winter is Coming Are King
Keeping Up With Maury

Apples Are King
Keeping Up With Maury

Where have all the English peas gone?
Keeping Up With Maury

It's For You
Amy remembers the old phones - before her Smarter-Than-I-Am-Phone

Tips from the Restaurant Trade - Carrots, Fish & More
Keeping Up With Maury

Getting the best Watermelons
Keeping Up With Maury

What to look for at Farmer's Markets
Keeping Up With Maury

Strawberry Time
Keeping Up With Maury

The Return of LeBron James
Amy says 'There's no place like home'

What's in that Fruit Juice?
Keeping Up With Maury

Give Me Wings
Amy's experience flying

Passover Seder
Keeping Up With Maury

Pre-packaged Produce
Keeping Up With Maury

The Lowly Spud
Amy's tribute to the potato

Keeping Up With Maury

Fruit in the Winter
Keeping Up With Maury

Patterson's Fruit Farm in Winter
Keeping Up With Maury

The end of the Peach Trail
Keeping Up With Maury

Maury visits his old ethnic haunts
Keeping Up With Maury

When Flavor and Taste were King
Keeping Up With Maury

Delivery Problems at Christmas Time
Keeping Up With Maury

The end of the Peach Trail
Keeping Up With Maury

What am I here for?
Amy asks the quintessential existential question

Frozen vs Fresh Food
Keeping Up With Maury

The Day Before
Amy remembers Nov. 22, 1963

Shapely to Shapeless in 5 easy decades
My Favorite Things

Doesn't anyone cook anymore?
Keeping Up With Maury

Oh, the pain! Lament from the Gym
Sung to the tune of "Sunrise, Sunset

Keeping Up With Maury
98th Birthday Dinner

Keeping Up With Maury
Classic Cleveland restaurants in Little Italy and beyond

Who will be our grandchildren's heroes?
Amy hopes they make wise choices

The Pony Picture Man
Amy remembers the Tony the Pony photograph

Keeping Up With Maury
Local Restaurants to Try

Keeping Up With Maury
Ohio Tomatoes are the Best

Keeping Up With Maury
Sustainability and Organic Farming

Keeping Up With Maury
Wonderful summer fruits and vegetables

It's going to be a busy day
by Maury Feren

Searching the Skies-The Ground Observer Corps & Me
Amy remembers Operation Skywatch

A Balance Sheet
Amy reflects on the loss of the love of her life

How Selfish we Seniors were
Without 'The Green Thing'

Flag Day 2011
US Army 236th birthday celebration

Where the Action is
Amy Kenneley reflects on Memorial Day

Eleanor Roosevelt (portrayal) at Noble Road Library reopening
History comes to life

Remember Martha Raye?
Did you know she did more than sing and act? - Free Shipping on orders over $35

'BEE' my Valentine
Amy remembers a special grade school Valentine

The Sandbank Piano and My Thwarted Musical Career
Amy wonders about abandoned pianos

She's Making a List
Amy learns a holiday lesson from Himself

Remember Ghoulardi?
2010 Ghoulardifest with Hoolihan, Dick Goddard, Big Chuck, Lil John, Son of Ghoul and more

Where's my babushka? by Amy Kenneley
Not a designer-labeled, expensive scarf

Famous Times Square Kiss on V-J Day
Recreated in Cleveland 65 years later

USS Cod World War II Submarine
Photos and a video of a submarine veteran

Terminal Tower Observation Deck
Photos and a video of Cleveland from the 42nd Floor

Terminal Tower Observation Deck
More Photos of Cleveland from the 42nd Floor

Smokey the Bear turns 65
Only YOU can prevent forest fires

Real Heroes by Amy Kenneley
Lebron James is gone - Amy's take

Boy Scouts of America
100 Years of Scouting celebrated at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Flour Sack Dress from the 1930's
Memories from when things were saved and re-used

Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame
By Michael S. Class - Book review
Lindbergh, Edison, the Depression, lots more

Cook's Garden

RIP Colonel Robert Howard
Toughest Man in America

Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart . . .
Tales From the Last Glory Days of Cleveland Newspapers
Told By The Men and Women Who Reported the News

Following Stars by Amy Kenneley
Who were those shepherds anyway?

F.W. Woolworth menu
Can you believe these prices?

Mittens on a String by Amy Kenneley
Remember losing your mittens?

Cat'ering - Alex the Cat joins the Kitson family
Satisfying the many wants and needs of a domestic feline

Sit, Stay, Pay
Mary has a doggone good idea for health care reform

Ollie Ollie In Free! by Amy Kenneley
Remembering Hide and Go Seek

Eagles Over Berlin by Kati Fabian
Historical novel about the Berlin Blockade and Airlift

The Ohio National Guard at work in Iraq
1-137 FARPs offer helicopter oasis

Incredible photo from 1918
18,000 soldiers form Human Statue of Liberty

USS New York
Ship built with scrap steel from the World Trade Center

Cut your hair! by Amy Kenneley
Why won't that young man cut his hair?!

Budweiser Clydesdale Horses
What happens now that Anheuser Busch was sold?

Library of My Dreams by Amy Kenneley
Save our Libraries!

World War II Posters
That you mght have not seen before

Scouts retire US flags on Flag Day 2009
at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland

London Bridge is Falling Down
Remember playing and singing that rhyme?

65th Anniversary of D-Day at Normandy
Never forget June 6, 1944

Drivers License Lies
Amy says it goes both ways

Sin while you can
Mary considers the Seven Deadly Sins

82nd Airborne Veterans in Cleveland
Pictures from their monthly breakfast

School in 1958 vs. Now
How situations are handled differently

Tech Terror by Gloria Hanson
Tech terror strikes in a senior's heart

The First Snow of the Season
Amy remembers the first snow of the season

Collinwood School Fire of 1908
172 students, 2 teachers and 1 rescuer died

How To Hide An Airplane Factory
World War II photos - the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant

Ups and Downs of words
Why do we clean up but scrub down?

The Maintenance Trap
Aging sure takes a lot of time and effort!

They Tore Down League Park
Part 3 by Rick Bloom

They Tore Down League Park
Part 2 by Rick Bloom

They Tore Down League Park
Part 1 by Rick Bloom

Remembering the Prom
Especially the Prom Dress

Historic US Military Uniforms, Buffalo Soldiers
and a tribute to Pamela Donovan

Fender Skirts and other words
That Seem to have Disappeared

Where's that skate key?
Spring is here and Amy recalls gliding down the streets

Do you remember the great snowfall of 1950?
Over 23" fell that Thanksgiving weekend

Gloria attends her 50th High School Reunion
"You haven't changed a bit"

I've Got My Love (Letters) To Keep Me Warm
Amy finds some warm memories on a cold winter night

Goodbye, Spudnut Shop
by M.M. Byrne

Girl Scout Cookie Capers
Amy says selling Girl Scout Cookies is a family affair

ChrisKwanChanumas Notes
Mary reads a Mall Santa's Diary

Oh! Christmas Tree
The Rockefeller Center tree gets Ron thinking

That Heavenly Choir
Amy and her choir create Christmas magic

Old Geezers are easy to spot
Thank God for Old Geezers

March to a Different Drumstick
Mary recalls Mom's questionable cooking skills

Thanksgiving For The Birds
Listen to these Bluebirds of Happiness

Locks & Latch Strings
Ron says it's time to pull the string in.

Through Thick and Thin
Celebrating 50 years of marriage

Nursing Home Romp
The Boomer Rumor Rag - October 2007

Getting a Leg up on Fashion
During War Rationing

Official Shop of Superman!

Bran to be Wild
Baby Boomers on Bikes?

Left Or Right Handed
Ron wonders what is right (or left)

I was drugged as a child
I bet you were too

Waiting for Dad
Amy sees the kids - Growing, Growing, Gone

Little Ben Versus Atomic Clock
Amy watches Time (Pieces) Go By

Saying Goodbye To Mom
You are never really prepared

Lizard at the Wheel
More strange humor from Mary

Virginia Tech Tragedy
Mary used to be in that same classroom

Who Cares Who's Out There?
(And what if they're not friendly?)

One last fling
Mary looks at her final big bash

Amy and her Easter Bonnet
Casual Clothes for Easter?

Amy and her Dog Tags
School Days in 1951

Walking Tall at the Mall
Amy's ode to Mall Walking

Mary discusses Cupid's Chemistry
Prince Charming after the thrill is gone

Be Complex
Do you need a pill for that?

Canaries in Coal Mines
Fun verse about the little birds

Plural or Singular
Teethbrush and Feetwear?

The 1948 Railroad Calendar
Amy starts a New Year

A Christmas/Hanukkah Story
By Sy Rosen

Seven and Seventy
Ron Kitson's trip back in time

Birthday # 76
Get the trombones ready!

Amy gets a code, er, cold
She needs Mom and some Vicks Vaporub

Keep your Fork
Something better is coming

Laddie Pencils, Parker Pens & Campus Pads
Amy Kenneley remembers 4th grade

Picture frame of a soldier

September 11, 2006 - 5 years later
Remember how you felt that day?

Mary plays Lint Roller Derby
As her pet's shedding comes alive!

Where's The Bathroom?
Ron looks into this vital room

Not Esther Williams but still in the Swim
Learning to swim & shopping for suits

Take Me Fishing
Spend time with your grandchildren

Grandma's Strawberry Patch
The patch was our secret place

Standing on Hallowed Ground
We have to be there

Follow the Bouncing Ball
Newsreels, cartoons, free plates, Bingo and oh yeah, a movie

For the new standing airplane "seats"

Down a Dairy Lane
Fun verse about True Love

My Story is On
As the World Turns

Your Hit Parade
Amy recalls that before Hi-Fi's, MTV or iPods there was Your Hit Parade

Riding the Streetcars
by Amy Kenneley

Growing up in Ducktown - Part 3
Shopping & Driving in a simpler time

Only One Grandpa
Martha never had it easy

Growing up in Ducktown - Part 2
Working at Richman Brothers, the icebox and kids at play

Growing up in Ducktown - Part 1
Near Harvard and East 71st

Courage to Walk Away
Sometimes fighting isn't the best choice

My Kingdom for a Pen
But I looked everywhere!

A Walk in the Snow
Some things never change

The Giddy-Up Club
Trip to a Dude Ranch

Come to the Manger
by Amy Kenneley

What's So Nice About Winter?
By Ron Kitson

Tomb of the Unknowns
At Arlington National Cemetery

First lipstick - remember Tangee?
by Amy Kenneley

Did you have Character Books?
by Amy Kenneley

Driving Lessons
By Ron Kitson

The Danish Mrs. Malaprop

Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt
who died November 7, 1962

It's about Dogs
By Ron Kitson

Mom & Dad Worked Full Time
By Ron Kitson

Coming Home to Cleveland
Visiting from Vegas

The Cleveland Directory of 1953
A virtual neighborhood tour

Where's our Day of Rest?
By Ron Kitson

Walter F. McMahon
A memorial tribute

Plastic Curtains
A future sealed in plastic - by Amy Kenneley

Our love affair with Trains
By Ron Kitson

Schools and Taxes
By Ron Kitson

A Bear of a Man
Slim - the Cub Bear

It's about Shopping
By Ron Kitson

Where's the Good Music?
By Ron Kitson

It pays to advertise
By Ron Kitson

Where's the pride?
By Ron Kitson

Simple Directions
By Ron Kitson

Trash Or Treasures
By Ron Kitson

Hanging Out Memories
Washing & Drying the clothes - by Amy Kenneley

Mind your Manners
By Ron Kitson

Just Thinking - by Ron Kitson
What if a machine could read your mind?

Birth of the Railroads - How It All Began
by Ron Kitson

Trikes and Bikes
Remember your first wheels? - by Ron Kitson

The Good Old Days
Really were good - by Ron Kitson

Oh, Oh, Oleo!
by Amy Kenneley

The Tax Stamp Cometh
by Amy Kenneley

Grandma's Apron
A truly multipurpose garment

The Garden in the City
A first visit to the Home & Flower show

The Fine Art of Snow Angels
by Amy Kenneley

Christmas E-mail message
Share with your list of friends and family

Secrets of Decorating Revealed
by Amy Kenneley

An Alien's Report
on a visit to Cleveland

A Spelling Bee Confession from 1946?
by James F Sweeney

Attic Memories
by Betty Cessna

Old Letters
by Betty Cessna

Remembering Election Days
by Amy Kenneley

The Last Wave
by Amy Kenneley

My First Senior Discount
By Sy Rosen

Rekindling Romance
By Sy Rosen

Daughters and Fathers
By Sy Rosen

A Fathers' Day Gift for Grandfathers (to Give!)
by David Kundtz

The Hands of a Man
by Amy Kenneley

Thank a Vet
American Dead in each war

The Art of the Weave
And other Tricks to handle Advancing Age

You Want To Be What Age?
By Sy Rosen

Mom the Invincible
Amy Kenneley remembers her Mother

Designated Cell Phone Areas
From Fifty Something Magazine

A Christmas Rose
From Fifty Something Magazine

Mel Harder
The Pride of the Indians

The Woman from Achille Isle
An old rocker brings back memories
by Amy Kenneley

Preserving Memories
My Story Productions
Special Discount for ClevelandSeniors

Operation Cupid - Part 3
Monkey Shines - The conclusion of the story
by Amy Kenneley

Operation Cupid - Part 2
Parents searching for their children's match
by Amy Kenneley

Operation Cupid - Part 1
Parents searching for their children's match
by Amy Kenneley

Jack Frost
by Betty Cessna

Photos from Euclid Beach
and the Humphrey Family

The Tree That Was
A Christmas Parable For The Child In Us
by Amy Kenneley

10 Reasons Why I Hate December
by Amy Kenneley

The Lady in the Mirror
by Betty Cessna

A Mother waits for her son's homecoming
by Amy Kenneley

Labor Day Thoughts
by Amy Kenneley

A Special Time, A Special Place
Growing up in Hough - by Amy Kenneley

The Pinsetter
From Fifty Something Magazine

Ice Cream Remembered
From Fifty Something Magazine

...And the Pursuit of Happiness
Reflections on the 4th of July by Amy Kenneley

A Stroll down Memory Lane
Remember When?

Aunt Edna's Bank
As told by Amy Kenneley

Let us Old Guys fight
One "Old Guy's" Humorous Opinion

Send an e-mail to our troops
Information on several web site resources

The Wee Shawl - Part 3 (conclusion)
Punishment and Penance
by Amy Kenneley

The Wee Shawl - Part 2
Mary Margaret Saves The Day
by Amy Kenneley

Grandma Shoes
A fun look at changing fashion

The Wee Shawl
a Short Melodrama about The Depression, Trickery and Triumph
by Amy Kenneley

Rally for America
Pictures from the March 2,2003 event to Support our Troops

Remember the words we used?

Almost Home - a Tribute to the Columbia Crew
A poem by Amy Kenneley

The Grocery Store of the 1940's
As remembered by Amy Kenneley

Christmas Memories
By Pat Hanson

Bucksnort to Bethlehem
A Christmas Journey by Amy Kenneley

December 7th, 1941 - Pearl Harbor
Sixty One Years ago - the world changed forever

The best Thanksgiving ever
A memory of 1950 from Amy Kenneley

Deja Boo!
Halloween memories from Amy Kenneley

Amy Kenneley receives Chapman Award
Congratulations to our outstanding author

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Honor Our Fallen

Let's Roll
Amy Kenneley's look back at 9-11-01

Stories, poems, pictures and more from 9-11-01
Including your feedback

Before Fast Food
A Look Back

The Clothesline said so much
Remember hanging out the wash to dry?

The Pledge of Allegiance
Red Skelton's classic interpretation

Living the life of Riley
A reflection on the loss of a 6 year old grandson

The Perfect 10 Church
Are you a Member? by Amy Kenneley

Duffy's Passing
A True Irish Wake by Amy Kenneley

Little Twinkle Toes
The Corner Shoe Store by Amy Kenneley

Christmas Eve 1944
A Miracle on 32nd Street? by James F Sweeney

A Soldier on Christmas
Written by a Marine in Okinawa

Delivering Traditions
A mother/grandmother watches Christmas move on

If I had my life to live over
What I'd do differently

What's really important to you?

Mom and the Marine
A poignant and timely essay by Amy Kenneley

Veteran's Day 2001
It's different this year - by Debbie Hanson

The Great Eagle Stamp Expedition
Did you save them? by Amy Kenneley

A Senior Moment by Jo Ann Vitanza
What gets better looking as we get older?

War Time Baseball by Jim Sweeney
Cleveland Indians in the early 40's

How old am I? Guess my age
You will be amazed!

The American Flag
Treat it with the respect it deserves

Euclid Beach Park
Memories and Photos

Remember Euclid Beach? The Sterling-Lindner Christmas Tree? Shopping at Higbee's and Halle's and May's? Tax Stamps? League Park? 3 world championships in 1948?

In this section you will be taken back to relive some of these and other memories by people who lived them. Share your own memories via E-Mail at:

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