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Thank Heaven for Little Boys
Who never grow up

Yesterday I was in a One Dollar store. A grandmother had 3 boys with her, about 5 to 7 years old. They were buying something for their Father for his Birthday.

The one youngster wanted to buy Pokeyman. The grandmother said we are buying gifts today not things for ourselves. He loudly went through the store trying to convince her "But he loves Pokeyman: that is his favorite thing" "He needs Pokeyman, all he wants is Pokeyman".

When I entered the store everyone was quiet, rushed and a few noticeably irritable. After the plea for Pokeyman everyone was smiling and friendly. We need a little boy in every store!

It made me think of the young boys in my life, like my nephews. Still enjoying the things we did, like baseball, soccer (that's new) playing tag (I see a school in California has banned it, another reason to be glad we live in Cleveland) going to the library, swimming classes, boy scouts, teasing their sisters and cousins, taking things apart, making things run , collecting things and on and on. Keeping busy. Learning. Experiencing.

I hope the few I see with spiked hair, earrings and tattoos aren't missing their childhood, in the rush to grow up.

As I write this my own son (an adult) is in the yard cooking on the grill, listening to the game and shooting some hoops.

It must be hard for little boys to understand the rules about little girls. They are your friends but if you hang out with one you get teased. They are your equal but you should let them go first. They want to play with you guys but you have to be careful of them.

If they get hurt you'll be judged as the bad guy even if they are bigger and stronger than you. It is still nice to open doors for girls but if she closes it on your finger don't be a baby and cry.

My wish for all little boys is that they stay little boys as long as possible and that when it's their turn to "man the world" they will always be individuals. Still be idealistic, fresh, full of hopes, dreams and ideas - and always take time to shoot a few hoops.

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