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Flower and Plant Advice

Moving a Rhododendron
Now or Later?

Aphids on indoor Jasmine
Don't want chemcial sprays inside

Roses & Rose of Sharon
Garage or outside for Winter?

Spiral Boxwood or Arborvita
Kept on Porch?

English Ivy
Clearing a large area

Care and Feeding

Moving a Jasmine
Inside for the Winter

Moving a large Lilac
Tip so how to do it

Looking for old-fashioned Jasmine
Remembered from childhood

Jasmine not blooming
A guide for this persnickety plant

Moving bushes
Getting the root ball and more

Spirea Shrub
The best time to trim

Dying Jasmine Plant (Gardenia)
What to look for

When Lilac Bush Flowers turn Brown
Cut them or let them fall off?

Crape Myrtle
Can it grow up North?

Lilac Bush Problem
What to do with a damaged branch

Lilac Questions Answered
Moving a plant, No flowers on bush

Lilac Bushes
More questions answered

Forcing Lilacs
Getting an early start

Transplant a Lilac Bush
Preparation is key

Indoor plants for a stuffy home office
Our Arborist recommends some solutions

Our unseasonably warm January days
Will they harm my outdoor plants?

Poison Ivy Question
Leaves of three, let it be

Vermont Teddy Bear

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