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Crape Myrtle

Q: Greetings. I have located a web site that claims to have developed crape myrtle to be winter hardy by raising them in Pennsylvania.

I live in zone 5 and believed it to be too cold to confidently plant crape myrtle. Any input?

Thanks, Rachel

A: Crape myrtle is hardy to Zone 7, so I think you're a bit too cold in Zone 5.

I visited the link you sent (thanks!), and they claim Zone 5 would be OK.

I'm still a bit leary, I'd ask if there's a warranty of some sort.

If you decide to give it a try, please let me know how it works. I know some professionals who have tried to grow crape myrtle as far north as central Illinois (also a Zone 5), but without success.

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Tom Mugridge

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