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Moving a Rhododendron

Q: We have a rhododendron that was planted too close to the house and partially blocks a stairway to our side door. I would like to move it around to the front of our house.

We are going to be grading our property soon, so I would like to move it before it gets destroyed by the heavy machinery.

Would it survive if I move it this time of year, or should I just leave it be until September (and hope it doesn't get killed during the grading process) ?

A: If the plant will have a better chance of survival by being moved rather than staying put, then I would go ahead and move it. If the weather has been dry, water it a day or 2 ahead to get moisture into the plant, then be sure to water 1-2 times weekly afterward.

You might also apply an anti-transpirant to the underside of the leaves to reduce the amount of moisture the plant transpires normally. This will help reduce transplant shock and increase the plant's chance for survival.

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Tom Mugridge

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