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Home Repairs and
Do It Yourself (DIY)

Meet our Home Repair Expert
Beth Hodge

Paint to cover up previous colors,
Hole from doorknob and Screen Door

Fireplaces and the Chimney
Tips to keep it safe and efficient

Cleaning vinyl siding
Lead in paint and is an architect needed?

Repair Questions Answered
Patio concrete, flickering lamp

Still More Bathroom Repair Questions
Toilet bowl crack, lime and more

More Repair Questions Answered
Stained sink, flooded basement

More Bathroom Repair Questions
Bath to walk-in shower and more

More Bathroom Repair Questions
Soap Dish, Sealant and Ceramic Tile

Inside Repair Questions Answered
Creaky stairs, Front Door gap

Bathroom Repair Questions
Chipped Sink, Slow Flow, Glued tiles

Outdoor Repair Questions
Slippery driveway, Pole lamp problem

More Bathroom Questions Answered
Safe flooring, painting over a bold stripe

Fireplace smells? Peeling Paint?
and more of your questions answered

Paint a tub surround? No power to light?
and more of your questions answered

Door won't stay open, paint on windows
and more of your questions answered

Even More Bathroom Repair advice
Sink pressure, leaks, showers and more

More new Repair questions answered
Soon to be moved to their proper categories

More Bathroom Repair questions answered
Toilet tank, shower smell

Your latest Indoor Repair questions answered
Smoke Detectors, Dimming Lights

Your latest Bathroom Repair questions answered
Shower pressure, cleaning a tub

Your latest Painting questions answered
Primer brand, Sticky tape removal

Tools you need for the Fixer-Upper
The basics to get you started

Your latest Outdoor Repair questions answered
Icicles, Moss on Roof, Screen Door

Questions about stairs
Creaky stairs, cracked steps

Your Bathroom Repair questions answered
Running Toilet, Bathtub caulk, etc.

Your Home Painting questions answered
Painting cabinets, paneling and more

Your Outdoor Home Repair questions answered
Old gasoline, Patio covers, sidewalk cracks, etc.

Your Indoor Home Repair questions answered
Loose railings, broken floor boards and more

Efficient home lighting
Fluorescents and more by Electrical Expert Jim Buchanan

The Basics and Beyond

Paint Brushes
A beginner's guide

Painting with a Roller
Tips and tricks

Have a question or tip about home repairs? Let us know at feedback@ClevelandSeniors.Com

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