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Jasmine not blooming

Q: I planted a jasmine vine in the spring. It has gotten taller and a little thicker, but no blooms at all.

What might be the problem?

A: There are many factors that effect the blooming of a jasmine (gardenia), temperature probably being the most critical.

Jasmine flower buds fail to form if the daytime temperature is over 70 degrees, and the night time temperatures are over 65 or under 60 (Jasmine is a pretty persnickety plant!).

The best temperature ranges would be between 65 and 70 daytime and 60-65 night time.

Beyond this, for the best blooming be sure your jasmine:

  • is in full sun with some shading when it's too hot;
  • the soil pH is between 5 and 6 (acidic);
  • the soil is kept moist but never soggy;
  • mist it daily or otherwise provide a humid environment;
  • and fertilize like crazy, preferably with a soil-acidifying fertilizer such as that used for rhododendrons and azaleas.

As for pruning, you can prune heavily but don't overdo it. Also, pinching helps keep the plant fuller, and can help produce more flowers the following year.

Pinch or prune when the plant is dormant for the best results.

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Tom Mugridge

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