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Old-fashioned Jasmine

Q: I am desperately trying to find one of the real old fashioned Jasmine bushes, deciduous leaves, not very showy, with white simple flowers but with a wonderful fragrance!

I asked in special garden shops and was told that this bush was 'in' around 1900 and a bit later but that it then became so much 'in' that it went 'out' after a while.

For me, very special memories from my childhood in Czechoslovakia are connected to this plant, and I would like to have it in my garden.

Can you give me some advice?

A: Yes, indeed, jasmine (gardenia) is not as favored as it once was, but I think it may be coming back in vogue.

However, it is a plant mainly for truly dedicated gardeners, as it requires more attention than many others.

If your local garden centers or nurseries do not carry jasmine, you can find it on the Web.

Simply do a websearch under either name, and filter through the results. You'll find a number of sites that offer these plants in pots ready for your enjoyment, available for shipment right to your door, and complete with instructions for care.

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Tom Mugridge

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