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Interior Decorating & Design:
Beautify Your Home

Buying and Caring for Silk Bedding
Ten Tips you should know

Atkins Diet for Furniture
Protein vs Carb Quality Furniture Choices

Brighten Up the Home this Spring
With these Ten Tips

Ten Tips for Small Spaces
by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Top Ten Decorating Trends
For 2007

Design a Blissful Bedroom
Using all your senses

Bring Rustic Charm into Your Home
Stylish Tips to Unwind

Family Room advice
and what about track lighting

Painting Options
Freshen up or change color?

Wall Colors
One wall different color?

SW Motif and Take shoes off before entering?
What does Reita say?

Exterior Decisions
Planter and colors

Devotional Rooms
Creating a Sanctuary

Borders on Walls
Classy or "too much"?

What color should I paint...
Is it that simple?

Decorating a Boat
The Porthole Problem

Exterior House Color
What is appropriate?

Formal Dining Room
Is it still needed with lifestyle changes?

Painted Wall Designs
Just for the TV shows or really being done?

Wood Floors
Keep them or carpet them?

Ceiling Color
Does it make the room look smaller?

Carpet Choices
Ever hear of seagrass?

Game Room Planning
Questions to consider

Theme Rooms
Advice from our Expert

Colored Appliances, Colored Sheets?
Answers from our Expert

Questions about Mirrors, Borders and Lamps
Answered by our Expert

New Construction and Designing for a Disabled person
Using the proper expert for the task

Trading Spaces TV Show
Is it realistic?

Pictures on a Mantel
How to arrange and display

Oak Furniture
Expert advice on designing with oak

A new Florida room
How to furnish

Artificial Flowers
Tacky or Trendy?

Your questions about room usage
Multipurpose rooms, Kitchen Storage

Hot trends for the Fall Season?
Our expert shares her philosophy

Your questions about design and the family
Grandkid's artwork, Photos of the deceased

Your decorating vocabulary questions
Florida Room, Mud Room, Drapes vs Draperies

The Facts about Feng Shui
Creating peace and harmony in design

Task Oriented Lighting
Help for reading and doing crosswords

Shelves of books
Making them more than unsightly storage

Holiday Decorations
How long is "too long" to keep them up?

Fading colors in a sofa?
Advice before you buy

Pets and grandkids on the carpet
What works best

Holiday Decorating
Clutter or simplicity?

Visit Feren Fruit and Gift Basket Company

Outside holiday decorating
Icicles and more

New Q&A with our Design Expert
Snobby sister-in-law, woodwork, etc

Q&A with our Design Expert
Living rooms, sofas, etc.

Interior Design Tips
Reita's rules of thumb

Avoid Bad Design Advice
Seek out experts in each area

Opposites Attract
Coordinate your pieces creatively

Don't trade choices with your spouse
Look for common ground in design

A Design Plan is crucial
How it's arranged is more important than what is arranged

Fall in love with what you already own
Make your pieces work for you

Meet our Design Expert
Reita Bayman of Reflections Interior Design

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