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Where are they now?
Cleveland Celebrities

Some of the fascinating people who helped shape Cleveland remain in town while others are no longer living here.

But we consider them to be true "Cleveland Seniors" because of the impact they have had on our city and our lives.

This section will remind us of some of these important people from our past and give a look into their current lives.

Doug Adair
From Anchor Desk to Winner's Circle

Jenny Crimm
Still in the Swim of Things

Jim Doney
Still traveling the Adventure Road

Mike Douglas
Ground-breaking Talk Show host and Class Act

Bob Feller
Hall of Fame Athlete and Man

Howard Hoffmann
What a set of pipes - in any kind of weather

Jan Jones
From Morning to PM, her smile shines through

Nick Mileti
Cleveland's Illustrious Italian - The Colossal Coliseum and other "Miracles"

Barbara Plummer
Looking back through the Magic Mirror at Miss Barbara

Liz Richards
Speaking to, and now for, the people

Sam Rutigliano
A Coach of Football - and of Life

Mona Scott
TV Anchor Enjoying Her New Life

Linn Sheldon
Barnaby still says Hello

Franz the Toymaker
Ray Stawiarski still "Schmiles" at Everybody

Marty Sullivan
Still a Superhost

Don Webster
Upbeat Nice Guy
Forecasted Music Stars and Weather

Bob 'Hoolihan' Wells
Sunshine To You - No Matter what the Weather

Let us know if there's someone you wonder "Where are they now?"

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