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Legal, Financial and other Resources
for Seniors and Baby Boomers

Social Security Benefits and 'Grey' Divorce
Divorce is on the rise among seniors

Domestic Violence and Divorce in Later Years
1 out of 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime

Health Insurance After Divorce
Options for Seniors

Get Free Help with Pension Problems and Questions
Six regional Pension Counseling Projects

New Protection for Federal Benefits
More protection for retirees, veterans and disabled persons who use bank accounts

Fast Medicare coverage even when you're not retired
Most people should apply for Medicare coverage at age 65

Medicaid Rules Can Protect Elderly Parent's Home
for An Adult Caregiver Child

PASSPORT Helps With Long-term Care Decisions
Free long-term care consultation

Medicaid and Your Estate
The Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

Getting Your Social Security Income Verification Is Easy
Follow these steps

Medicare: General Enrollment and General Information
Medicare: Parts A, B, C and D

How a Living Will and Health Care Power Of Attorney
Can Help You Get Medical Care

Food Assistance for the Elderly
Meals on Wheels and other programs

A new "twist" in the law may help Mom
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and extra help

Social Security's Compassionate Allowances
for Alzheimer's Disease and more

Save on a rainy day
not just for a rainy day

Remember the Patty Duke Show?
The cast is helping promote Social Security

Elder Abuse: What Is It and How to Get Help
Free and anonymous resources

Staying Safe: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim
Protect Yourself from Crime and Scams

Telephone White Pages no longer delivered
How to get your free copy

Retired with children?
Social Security benefits when minor children depend on you

Social Security website
You can check your status online and do much more

What documents should I keep and for how long?
A guide to clearing the clutter and avoiding identity theft

Should I avoid eating foods that contain peanut butter?
Information about the salmonella outbreak

Social Security Retirement Estimator
Free online tool to help you plan

Surviving Your PreRetirement Years
15 Things You Must Do Between 50 and 64

Mount Alverna Village for quality senior housing
And compassionate health care for over 110 years

Honors and Benefits Available to Military Veterans
Make sure you know what is available to you and your family

Help for Low-Income Older People to Stay Cool
BenefitsCheckUp® can help seniors with their energy costs

Funeral Pre-Planning vs. Pre-Funding
Make wise decisions now for your family

St. John Funeral Home
Full service and compassion from this family business

Social Security Travels with you
Get this free information before you travel

Ask A Cop - Get your traffic and other questions answered by our retired police officer

Who are these people?
Make an informed decision on Judicial Candidates

Homestead Exemption changes in Ohio
Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens

Free Social Security Resources
To assist with Medicare

Election Day information
New Absentee Ballot Rules

7 Things Seniors Should Know
About FDIC Insurance

How to Protect Against Financial Fraud
Elderly are often the target

Frauds that Target the Elderly
Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

Want to be a Mystery Shopper?
Read this before you sign up

FREE SAMPLES from VistaPrint! Order Today!

Top Ten Mortgage Mistakes
That Borrowers make

It's not Rude, it's Shrewd
Be smart and Prevent consumer fraud

Real Estate in 2006
What's In, What's Out with Homebuyers

Identity Theft
What it is and how to prevent it

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
The best way to help

Don't be scammed by fake Tsunami Relief Efforts
Make sure the agency is legitimate

Dealing with a Medical Emergency
An Insiders Guide

Telephone Tips for Seniors
Check your phone bills

Guardians and Elder Abuse Issues
July 2004 Report

Don't buy gas from Iraq?
The truth about this idea

Static Electricity at the Gas Pump
The real information you need to know

Some quick tips about your checking account
Don't make it easy for thieves

Are you getting all the benefits you are entitled to?
Make sure with this free online information

Try Angie's List!

Holiday Season Scams and Safety Advice
From the County Sheriff Department

Fake Charity and other Scams
From the County Sheriff Department

Scams - Don't be conned
Advice from the Cleveland Police

Golden Buckeye Card
Do you have yours yet?

Safety & Crime Awareness Training
County Dept of Senior & Adult Services

Credit Card Thieves
Protect your credit cards

Learn what state a SS# comes from
With just the first 3 numbers

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