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Social Security
Check your application status online
By Brandon P. Smith
Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

There's a lot you can do at Social Security's website, and it's easy to locate - just go to www.socialsecurity.gov.

You can estimate your retirement benefits, find out what kinds of government benefits you might qualify for and even apply for benefits online.

But did you know that you can check the status of your benefit application online - even if you applied the "old fashioned" way, in person at a Social Security office or over the phone?

That's right - you can check the status of your pending Social Security application on our website, www.socialsecurity.gov, from the convenience of your home or office. It doesn't matter whether you applied for benefits online, in person, or on the phone.

And it doesn't matter whether the application is for retirement, disability, survivors or spouse's benefits. You can get instant status on your claim at any computer with Internet access. It's quick, easy, and secure!

Just visit www.socialsecurity.gov and select the "Check the status of your application" link on the upper, left-hand side. Then enter the Social Security number and the confirmation number, given to you when you applied. It's that easy - instant status.

While you're online, there are other things you can do. Learn how Social Security works, research Social Security's history and visit the "Questions" link for answers to hundreds of the most frequently asked Social Security questions.

You also can read our online publications about benefits, which may come in handy as the processing of your application comes near.

Wherever you are, you can find us online at www.socialsecurity.gov.

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