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Kitchen Tips
and Advice from our
Cooking Professionals

Expert Cheesemongers
Cheese advice from Giant Eagle Legacy Village

Expert Chef
Jerry Cook, our Expert Chef

Expert Pastry Chef
Bridget Cook

Expert Meat Cutter
Ed Jesse from Old World Meats

Durkee Spice Advice
Spices and Seasonings

"Spice Advice" for our "Seasoned Citizens"
from Durkee

Advice for and from Your Kitchen

You've built up a lifetime of tips and tricks for working in the kitchen. See what your neighbors suggest and share your shortcuts and ideas.

How to Serve a Gourmet Cheese Course
Seven Simple Tips from the Cheese Ambassador

13 Lucky Kitchen Tips
To save time and money while cooking

How to Stock A Kitchen
Must-Haves For Today's Pantry

Best Tasting Ground Coffee
2009 Consumer Reports listing

Helpful Food Tips
That you probably never thought of

Save Money when Grocery Shopping
Ten Tips to cut your Grocery Costs

Restaurant Food and Take-Out Food Safety
Advice to stay healthy

Food Temperature and Thermometers
Not just for Turkeys anymore

Sauerkraut - Tasty & Healthy
Tips and a German Potato Salad recipe

Trim Fat from your Grocery List
Ten Tips to Help

Stock Up on Canned Tuna
Prepare for the Possibility of a Flu Pandemic

How to lay Dinnerware
Expert advice for the perfect table setting

Ten Tips for a Top Notch Turkey
From Butterball

Healthier and Special Diet need
Alternatives for Thanksgiving Meal

Fig Heaven
A local cooking class on Figs

A Guide to the Different Varieties

Turkey Talk
Get turkey recipes via e-mail

Food Colors
A guide to getting the exact color you want

Mexican Food Guide
A handy translation guide you can print and take along

Chinese Restaurant Guide
What the words on the menu mean

Learn about (and make!) this delicious dish

Choosing and Cleaning Berries

Kitchen Safety

The Fresh Bread Secret Code

Winter Cooking from the cupboard

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Find the best kitchen and cooking tips at ClevelandSeniors.com

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