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Cooking Advice from Chef Jerry Cook

Meet our Expert Chef
Chef Jerry Cook

How to Skin a Salmon
Learn the professional way - with very little waste

Find the best part of the Chicken
Chef Cook shows how to find the Oyster in this video

Breaking down a chicken into an 8-cut
Learn how to save money - watch the How To video

Help. My rice is always chewy or gummy
How to cook rice from our expert Chef Jerry Cook

New Year's diet resolutions
Try these real solutions

Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Start the day off right

Cooking with Alcohol
Know how potent it will be after cooking

Cooking Fish the right amount
Tips so as not to under or overcook fish

Frying and Sauteing
The basics and advice

Cast Iron Skillets
How to restore to like new condition

Cleaning out the Fridge?
Some ideas for those leftovers

Selecting a basic set of kitchen equipment
What our Expert Chef recommends

Have a question for our Expert Chef?
Send it to:

chef@ClevelandSeniors.Com - the home of health information for seniors and boomers age 50 and over

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Executive Chef Jerry Cook

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