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Funny Jokes, Stories,
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Stories, Poems, Songs and Jokes

(Note - new items appear at the bottom of the page)

My Forgetter
Lapsed memory poem

Live with My Kids
It's payback time!

My Favorite Things
New words to the classic song

Bathing Suit Shopping
That dreaded experience

Barbie is a Senior!
New Barbie Dolls that
we can relate to.

A New Senior Disease
Age Activated
Attention Deficit Disorder.

Revised Holiday Songs
by Polly Sigh

Burma Shave Signs
Remember roadside poems?

Lesson learned
From Mom

I Want to be a Bear
Sounds good!

The 70's vs Now
How times have changed

Not Really Old
Just Mature

Pillsbury Doughboy
His sad obituary

Odd Laws
Still on the Books

How in the world
Did we ever survive?

A new e-mail Virus
Affecting Seniors

Lonesome Tonight?
Elvis singing today

New ABC's
For those over 50

A Mother's Letter
To Her Son

Marvelously Mature
You know you are when...

Ask Yourself
Life's eternal questions

Public Toilets
The Ladies Room

Doctor Visit
What Ails You?

Church Tales
Suitable for all

All about Mom
From their Children

Ever Ask Why?
Things are as they are?

Holy Jokes
About Church

Younger Days
The outside has changed

Computer Poem
For Users over 50

As 8 year olds see them

What kids say
Funny but brilliant

Holiday Eating
Tips for the Season

Summer Camp
A Letter from Camp

Marine Recruit
A Farm Kid signs up

Older Lady Driving
Don't Mess with her!

Senior Dress Code
Helpful Guidelines

This White Lie
Takes the cake

The Week After

More Pondering
Why do we press harder
on the remote
when the battery is low?

Yes I am
a Senior Citizen

What Made Me
The Land that Made me

The Shape I'm in
I'm fine, really

Men and BBQ
Take the night off, honey

Where to Retire?
Choose from these regions

Airline Announcements
Humor from the Cockpit

Dr. Seuss
Writes about the
"Golden Years"

Top 10 Songs
For People over 50

Class Reunion
A "mature" woman

Church Bulletin

Some fun thoughts

Kitchen Signs
Sound familiar?

New Years Diet
January blues

Did you say that?

Older & Wiser

From Ohio?
You may be if...

Old is When...
It beats the alternative

Great Truths
Life's Lessons

Life was Better
in Black & White

Senior Moments
Aging is a joke!

Seniors & Aids
Common Carriers?

High Gas Prices?
Think Again

Personal Ads
Placed by Seniors

How I Know
I'm a Senior Citizen

Latin Phrases
Amaze your friends!

Van Gogh
Family Members

From a Retired Mind

A Strange Lady
In My House

Funny Signs
For Funny Times

Family Advice
From an "Old Pro"

at Ourselves

Weekly Workout
Whew! It's tiring!

Bumper Sticker
On Grandma's Car

Middle Age
and Beyond

Some new words

The Computer
Swallowed Grandma!

Actual Headlines

Punishing Puns

Scary Things!
Not an Urban Legend

What a difference!

More Kids
and what they say

Did you Know?
Lots of fun facts

from a Retired Mind

Teens in Poverty
Those poor kids

I'm Fine
by Cardinal Cushing

After Christmas
Pesky Relatives!

New Alphabet
For Seniors

Senior Disease
Do you have AAADD?

Questions to Ponder
Why is it that...?

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Many of these items are from the Internet or sent to us with the author unknown. If you ever read a piece and you know who the author/owner is, please let us know so that we can give proper attribution.

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