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Pet Fun:
Fun with Dogs, Cats and other Pets!

In honor of Pet Appreciation Week, do something that your pets will appreciate such as:

  • Spend a day with your head stuck in a bird cage.
  • Spend time with your pet rolling around in something really awful.
  • Bite the mailman.
  • Sniff your neighbor's butt.
  • Mark your territory by peeing on the couch.

More dogs dressed for Halloween
Costumes for Canines

What kind of Lab is it?
This funny picture will identify

Ever hear of a Cat Nap?
Cats sleeping in odd places

Dangerous Breed Dog Warning
Funny picture

Beware of identity theft this Easter
That Easter Bunny could be anywhere - even with family pets!

If dogs wrote in Haiku
Recognize your pup in this funny verse?

Catty Advice for the New Year
These kittens are wise beyond their years

Watch these 6 cute Shiba Inu Puppies
Day or Night via the Puppy Cam

Why dogs (and cats) hate Halloween
What were their owners thinking?

Think you've seen big dogs before?
Take a look at these big, beautiful creatures

The Public Works
Weekly Pet Comic Strip

We all need a rest from time to time
This photo says it all

Search Dog at work (funny photo)
Even Man's Best Friend has limits

Dogs and Babies
Illustrated Instructions for Dogs

Dogs in Heaven
or is it Hell?

Sulking Cat
Being punished for the trip to the Vet

You Gotta Love Dogs
This picture says it all

Fun quotes about Dogs
Are poodles part of a strange cult?

What your pet really does
When you aren't home

What dogs really think of playing dressup
Pictures and their comments

drugstore.com, inc.

Where did Pets come from?
An addition to the Garden of Eden story

Rules for Cats, Dogs and Guests

You know you are owned by your pets when...

Excerpts from Your Pet's Diary

Animals have the Darndest Thoughts

Dog's letters to God

Holiday etiquette for dogs

Dogs Vs. cats - How True!

You know you're a Dog Person when...

The rules of being a dog

A Dog's Prayer

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

What do you get when you cross dog breeds??

Things a Dog needs to remember

The difference between Cats and Dogs

Rodesian Ridgeback puppies with bourbon bottle

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