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The Irish in Cleveland

According to census data provided by the Northern Ohio Data and Information Services, there are over 72,000 people of Irish descent in the Greater Cleveland area.

Read more about these proud, hard-working and fiercely loyal people.

Irish Flag - Flag of Ireland

The latest information about the Irish in Cleveland can now be found at ClevelandPeople.Com

St. Patrick's Inflatable Beer Mug Cooler

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2011
Parade route, honorees and step off

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St. Patrick's Day Parade 2010
Parade route, honorees and step off

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009
Lots of photos of the people and floats

Games for St Patrick's Day
Games you can print out for Party Fun

Irish Trivia Part 1
How well do you know Ireland and the Irish?

More Irish Trivia Part 2
How well do you know Ireland and the Irish?

Cleveland Irish Trivia
Local Cleveland Irish questions

Mary McCluskey marches on
50 years of Drill Team marching celebrated

Walks of Life Awards Dinner - 2-26-09
The Irish American Archives Society

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008
Lots of photos of the people and floats

Irish Wolfhounds and other dogs (and horses!)
at the 2008 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Cleveland

Historic US Military Uniforms at the Parade
and a tribute to Irish born Pamela Donovan

The 2008 Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade
Grand Marshall John Campbell and other honorees

Irish American Archive Society
2008 Walks of Life Dinner and Awards

Irish American Club - East Side Inc.
Celebrates their 30th Anniversary

The 2007 Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade
Grand Marshall Steve Mulloy and other honorees

The Irish American Archives Society
Preserving Irish heritage in the Cleveland area

Walks of Life Awards Dinner - 2-22-07
The Irish American Archives Society

Walks of Life Awards Dinner - 2-22-07
More Photos from the event

Irish Trivia Questions
How many can you answer?

Irish Radio Broadcasts
in the Cleveland area

Quotes by and about the Irish
From Kennedy to Joyce

Irish Proverbs
Wisdom of the Ages - in a line or two

The Trip to Ireland
Bonnie and her sister visit the Old Sod

A Prayer for Bad Times
by Cardinal Cushing

St Patrick's Breastplate
The Lorica

Eulogy for JFK - John F. Kennedy
by Cardinal Cushing

Irish Toasts
Raise a glass

Grand Marshalls of St Patrick's Day in Cleveland
Since 1958

What it means to be Irish
Humor - Any Sound Familiar?

Dogs Native to Ireland
Photos and information about Dog Rescue

Irish-American Information
Interesting Facts from the Census Bureau

Our Chatterbox Pat
Chats about St Patrick's Day

Irish in Cleveland
Including Senior Organizations

Irish History
More than just St. Patrick

Irish Music
The instruments and songs

Irish Language
Gaelic and beyond

Irish (and other) Stories
Tales told by our Shanachie Amy Kenneley

Irish Food
More than Corned Beef and Cabbage

Irish Jokes
Some old and some Older!

Debbie Hanson and Timmy O'Brien
2004 Members of the Year

Mother Jones
From County Cork

County Mayo
In the province of Connacht

Maud Gonne MacBride
The Irish Joan of Arc

Irish Hooley Photos
East Side Pipers 11-2006

William (Bill) Carney
Grand Marshall of the 2006 Cleveland
St Patrick's Day Parade

Norine Hastings
Irish American Club East Side
Member of the Year for 2006

Profiles of Cleveland Irish

Helen Bacon
This Nurse's Charity began at Home
but extends to the World

Sister Maureen Burke
In the "habit" of leading young women

Eddie Campbell
Helping to Unite Cleveland's Irish

George Condon
Chronicling Cleveland with Wit & Wisdom

Susan Daniels
Cleveland's Female Private Eye

Mary Fitzpatrick
Overcame tragedy through Faith, Family & Friends

Margie Flynn
Doing Well by Doing Good

Bridget McCafferty
Knows the Law, Loves the People

Pat Dailey
Great Lakes Troubadour

Mike Douglas
Ground-breaking Talk Show host and Class Act

Bill Faragher
Family + Fun = Faragher

John Feighan
Spreading good will from Moriartys to Murray Hill

Ed Hurley
Father of the Year 2005

Fr. John McCarthy
Around the World by Rail and Sail

John Murphy
That Smiling Irishman

Tim Ryan
Picture Perfect Man who poured a Perfect Pitcher

Claire Schmidt
A WAVE and a Lady

Marty Sullivan
Still a Superhost

Joe Sweeney
Continuing a Life of Learning & Art

Have Irish memories, stories, recipes, notices of events?

E-mail us at irish@ClevelandSeniors.Com

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