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Cultures in Cleveland

Cleveland is such a tremendous melting pot of almost every ethnic background. It is this mingling of traditions and lifestyles that help give us the special flavor we have. Always proud of our American heritage, it is interesting and often exciting to also celebrate our ethnic background and roots.

Different nationalities commemorate traditions through festivals, social clubs, churches and various associations. They are the perfect place to learn about our heritage and the customs of our ancestors. This country is only 225 years old. With the exception of Native Americans, all of our relatives, however distant, came from some other country.

Thank You around the world
'Thank You' in 87 different languages

One World Day 2007
Parade of Nations at the Cultural Gardens

International Soccer in Cleveland
Continental Cup with teams from Guatemala, India, Barbados, Canada and more

African Americans in Cleveland
From Garrett A. Morgan and Beyond

American Indians in Cleveland
American Indian Education Center, Powwow information, pictures

Armenians in Cleveland
History, Culture, Organizations

Asian Indians in Cleveland
Photos from the Mahtama Gandhi statue dedication

Catholics in Cleveland
People, Traditions and History

Chinese in Cleveland
Chinese Cultural Gardens and more

Croatians in Cleveland
People, Places and Culture

Czechs in Cleveland
More coming soon

Germans in Cleveland
German Cultural Gardens and more

Greeks in Cleveland
Greek Cultural Gardens and more

Hungarians in Cleveland
Hungarian Cultural Gardens and more

Irish in Cleveland
History, Food, Music and More

Italians in Cleveland
People, Cultural Gardens and More

Jews in Cleveland
People, Yiddish expressions and More

Lithuanians in Cleveland
Lithuanian Cultural Gardens

Polish in Cleveland
From Ducktown to Pulaski Square

Scottish in Cleveland
Festivals and More

Serbs in Cleveland
From Saint Sava and beyond

Slovenians in Cleveland
In the City of Euclid and more

Slovaks in Cleveland
Slovak-Americans at One World Day & more

Slovenians in Cleveland
In the City of Euclid and more

Swedish in Cleveland
Santa Lucia Festival and more

A handy list of Yiddish words and phrases
Fun and descriptive

Join with us in exploring these traditions, customs and celebrations of our heritage. We will be highlighting different nationalities and their events, mores and ways.

If you have a story to tell about your particular ethnic background, we would love to hear it.

If your group will be having a festival, carnival, dance or other social gathering, please let us know in plenty of time and we will gladly list it in this section.

E-mail us at heritage@ClevelandSeniors.Com

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