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Attic Memories
by Betty Cessna

In my dusty, cluttered attic
Boxes sit in disarray,
Some left by my children
Whoíve long since moved away.

Mementos of their childhoods,
Forgotten toys and games.
Along with ancient photos
Of old folks with no names.

Sad abandoned teddy bears,
Clothing out of style,
All too good to throw away
Iíll keep them for a while.

Itís just the same for memories
I store within my brain
Some of them of joyous times
Some that bring me pain.

All thrown in haphazardly,
Some vague, some bright and clear
Mixed in with a few regrets
Iíve saved throughout the years.

I probably should sort them out,
Throw some of them away,
Instead, Iíll simply dust them off
And save them one more day.

Copyright January, 2004, Betty Cessna

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