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Tech Terror
By Gloria Hanson

It all started simply enough
telephone linked farm to family.
radio let us in on fun and fury.
A few dials, numbers and wires
were easy to use, hard to abuse.

Then came TV, turntable and tape,
Type, fax, copy, record, remote,
Computer, cell phone, CD, DVD.
Search, save, delete, rewind.
Shoot me an e mail, I don't mind.

Are you in the Mac or PC world?
Own an iPhone or Blackberry?
Download on iPod , MP3,shuffle?
Linked by DSL, cable or WiFi?
Operating on Unix or Linux?

Let's Google, Yahoo, Twitter
Browse with Explorer, Safari,
Play video games on x-box,
stream films from Netflix.
Reboot, copy, paste or scan.

Keep in touch on Facebook,
Watch my kids on YouTube.
Catch views on my blog.
Wanna 'be friends on My Space?
Bowl the Wii or drum on Guitar Hero.

Beware the Trojan and the cookie.
Yours might be a zombie or a virus.
Use a mouse to search the Web
While listening to downloads of
shows missed after losing the remote.

These gadgets and many more
Keep us connected to showroom floors.
Tech terror strikes in all our hearts.
Seniors forget passwords as they sup
and then they plead for Socrates cup.

Gloria Hanson is a retired clinical social worker living in Cleveland Heights

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