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Lawn, Garden and Yard
Critters and Pests

Information about Insects, Animals and other pests that love to target your yard and plants.

What you need to know about our pungent little friends

Fall Wildlife Migration
Get Outside and Observe Birds & other Wildlife

Keep Woodchucks (groundhogs) from devouring your garden
Tips and a simple fence to make

Insect Repellent Do's and Don'ts
Keep you and your family safe - and bug free!

Keep Wildlife from Seeking Shelter
in Your Home This Winter

Abandoned or Hurt Baby Animals
What you should and shouldn't do

Birds in the Garden
Eating seeds and plants

Geese and Deer
How to control

Beetle killing Ash Trees
Comes in via firewood

Dogs in Flower Beds
How to prevent

Raccoon in Garage
What to do?

Too many crickets
How to have a quiet summer

Mothballs for Critters?
Will they damage the soil?

Mosquitos and West Nile Virus
Protection, Prevention and a special offer from Forest City Tree

Chipmunks all over the yard
What can we do?

Digger Bees
How to get rid of

17 Year Cicada Invasion
Will it affect us?

Skunks out too soon
Don't they Hibernate?

Deer in the yard
Damaging the trees and shrubs

Squirrel in hollow of oak
Reason for concern?

Ants infesting a tree
What to do?

Ants and Bees
More because of the strange winter we had?

Rabbits and Squirrels and Deer - Oh my!
Keeping munching critters away

Out, Out Darned Skunk!
Keeping skunks away

Skunks digging in the lawn
How to prevent

Dealing with Mosquitos
Repelling summer's biggest pests

Poison Ivy Question
Leaves of three, let it be

Ivy on trees and the house
To pull off or not?

It mite be the problem
Spider mites

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