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Cleaning out your Fridge?

How many times have you cleaned out your fridge and found something from last week?

Obviously when we buy something and don't use it we are wasting money. Everybody has leftovers. It can be hard to tell how much will satisfy you and your family.

You don't have to let the leftovers go to waste though. A little creativity will get the most out of the food you buy, and that will help you control your waste and food budget.

1. Don't mix your carbs- rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Use only one as a base or a side dish at the same meal.

2. You can mix just about any meat with just about any vegetable and come up with an acceptable meal.

3. Mince leftover protein such as beef, chicken, sausage, or cooked ground beef and use them in casseroles, stews, or sandwich spread. Make a sandwich spread with a food processor by chopping leftover meats and adding mayo, salad dressing or mustard, pickles, onions boiled eggs, and cheese.

4. Add rice, potatoes, or pasta along with leftover vegetables and gravies or sauces to meat and top with a mix of bread crumbs and shredded cheese and bake until heated through.

5. Stews are the best. Use vegetables, Carbs, meats, and proteins cooked together in a sauce or broth. Almost any combination works.

6. Leftover chicken can be used in almost anything. If you boil the meat from the bones your yield will be higher and get broth to start soups. Make sure you strain the broth to avoid small bones.

7. Use your freezer. Separate meats and put in small containers, do the same with vegetables until you have enough for a meal. Keep a list handy.

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