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Dog Rescue

The various Animal Rescue organizations all have the same goal: to take homeless, abandoned, abused animals and give them a good, safe home.

Dog rescue clipartDog rescue clipart
It is hard to imagine the number of animals affected each year by the wanton disregard of the humans they must rely on.

The organizations taking in animals give them veterinary care and do their best to place them with appropriate adopting families.

In this section we will highlight specific canine breeds as well as general information on mixed breed adoption and non-canine adoptions. We will provide information on the breed (positives and negative alike) along with other information you will need to know when considering adoption.

Dog rescue clipart Irish SetterDog rescue clipart

Adoption personnel would rather you know of any potential "down-sides" to adopting a pet than take the chance of having the pet in another inappropriate situation.

If you have a rescue story you'd like to share with us or to be sure your organization is included, please contact us. Pictures are always welcome.

Boxers and the Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue

Lighthouse Boxer Rescue

Dalmation Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue

Great Pyrenees Rescue

Greyhound Rescue

Newfoundland Rescue Site

Brittany Rescue Site

Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Dogs Native to Ireland

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