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Arborvitae getting Brown

Q: We have an Alberta Spruce in the back yard and an Arborvitae in the front. Both get afternoon sun.

The spruce has gray areas on the sunny side only.

The Arborvitae is getting browner with each passing week. I do not believe we have spider mites. Any suggestions?

A: It is still possible that spidermites haved caused the damage, but they may have already laid their eggs (the adults disappear afterward) and are waiting for the next hatching period.

Both dwarf Alberta spruces and arborvitae can come down with spidermites, so it's important to check regularly.

This year, our wet spring seems to have suppressed the overall spidermite population. Should it get hot and dry, however, the 2-spotted (summertime) mites just "mite" come out, but only time will tell.

Continue to check into fall, because this is when the spruce spidermites are active (they, like I, enjoy cool temperatures).

Should you discover any, it would be prudent to treat as they eat and run, leaving the symptoms of their activity to show up later, sometimes many months later.

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Tom Mugridge

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