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Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Potted during Winter?

Q: I want to plant a tree in a pot for the fall/winter that will stay green for those seasons, what do you suggest.

I live in Newfoundland Canada so the winters are pretty cold. Can you help me?

A: Dwarf Alberta spruces seem to be popular for this usage, but I always caution against allowing the entire pot freeze through. If this happens, the roots freeze, and it's bye bye sprucie.

Since dwarf Alberta spruces are hardy in Canada, you should be successful with yours. But, if you do think the pot may freeze all the way through, I recommend trying to insulate the sides somehow, maybe with some mulch.

Be sure to check the soil moisture during winter, and water if the soil gets too dry.

I would also recommend applying an anti-transpirant to reduce moisture-loss through the needles.

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Tom Mugridge

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