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Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Sun

Q: I read that Dwarf Alberta Spruce like full sun. Will one survive that will only get some morning sun and be in shade the rest of the day?

It would be if front of my house in a bedding area and the garage takes out the sun fairly early in the day. I wanted something that had a control growth and was an evergreen.

The spruce is pretty and stays small. However I do not want to plant a dwarf there if it will only die. I hate losing living things including plants.


A: I've seen dwarf Alberta spruces in fairly shady conditions that were doing fine, but they weren't as full as when they get plenty of sun.

Morning sun should be adequate to sustain the plant, it just may be a bit sparser than normal.

If the front of your house faces north, the sides toward the house may thin out even more due to less sunlight.

If so, try to plant yours further from the house to allow sunlight to "bounce" its way in. This may help keep it fuller.

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Tom Mugridge

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