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Dwarf Trees?

Q: Are all Alberta Spruce dwarf? What is the height and age at maturity?

A: Dwarf Alberta spruces are dwarf, in comparison to regular spruces like the blue spruce or Norway spruce.

They only grow 2-4" a year, and remain quite tight and conical.

The height at maturity listed in catalogs and other sources is usually 6-8'.

However, the largest dwarf Alberta spruces that I have seen were about 15-16' tall and a good 8' wide at the base, which is extremely large for this plant.

These particular specimens were probably 40-50 years old, so we know they can live at least this long.

So, if you're looking for a slow-growing, tightly-formed, conical evergreen for a fairly sunny area, this would be the plant of choice.

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Tom Mugridge

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