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Senior's Softball
By Frank Preto

If you're interested in being more than a spectator when it comes to sports, there are a number of communities that have Senior Softball Leagues.

Senior Softball has a few different rules than standard softball, all designed to make the game more enjoyable and safer for the over fifty player.

Here are a few of the differences:

There is a double first base line. One is for the runner and one is for the fielder. This line is often color coded, with the runner going to Orange and the fielder going to white.

There is a Restraining Line between third and home. Although the line is imaginary it is a point-of-no-return of sorts. Once the runner crosses that line (about the half way point) there is no turning back. The runner must proceed to home, regardless of the consequences.

Most senior leagues will allow a runner to over-run second base.

There is a double home plate. As is the case with first base, one is for the runner and one for the fielder.

Not every league has the same rules, but those listed above are pretty standard. Some Leagues are fifty and over, some fifty-five, some sixty.

There are a number of places to play both on the East and West Sides of Cleveland. Contact your community center to check on one near you for specific information.

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Frank Preto

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