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Joe meets 12 new people in Australia
by Joseph Meissner

We love traveling, but not just to see the tourist sites. You could simply sit on your plush living room couch at home and eye Rick Steves travels, if your only goal was see the sights. No, we like to meet real people and dialogue with them. In Australia we met many people and made many new friends. This article is dedicated to twelve of the wonderful people we chanced upon.

Read the rest of Joe's travel experience

by Amy Kenneley

This was my grandson's Senior recital, one that tested his four years of work at Belmont University's School of Music. He would be presenting five pieces, all reflecting the aspects of playing, composing and arranging music.

Amy Kenneley and grandson Patrick

Amy Kenneley and grandson Patrick

Read the rest of Amy's story

Cleveland Cultural Gardens Gala

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation (CCGF) hosted a gala event at the Intercontinental Hotel to celebrate the Centennial of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The first Garden (Shakespeare Garden which became the British Garden) was established in April 1916 so 100 years are being celebrated all year. There are special events planned in the Gardens, the creation of a Centennial Plaza and One World Day on August 28, 2016.

Chris Ronanyne, Sheila Crawford and Dick Russ

Keynote Speaker Chris Ronayne, CCGF President Sheila Crawford
and MC Dick Russ at the Cultural Gardens 100th Gala

Photos and videos from the Gardens Gala

Cleveland and the RNC - Are you concerned?

Cleveland finally lands a huge event - the Republican National Convention - and it seems there are all kinds of potential problems instead of just a profitable showcase for our city. Are you concerned?

The Rotary Club of Cleveland hosted their annual International Fellowship Day in Cleveland Ohio on April 7, 2016. The event featured the presentation of the International Service Award to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

After his speech Mayor Jackson was asked how the challenges of hosting the Republican National Convention (RNC).

He said we are not afraid of the challenge. We will step up our game to meet whatever challenge is before us and put Cleveland in the best light. This is about who we are. How you deal with adversity is how you are defined.

See more from the Mayor at the Rotary event

Judge Sara Harper honored

The Committee on Arrangements; Ohio Republican Party, Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, Sara J. Harper Leadership Institute, I Group, The Committee of 40, Lauren A. Gore, esq., WEA, Inc., LA Gore & Principals and the Inner City Republican Movement hosted a Community Black History Celebration honoring the Life & Achievement of Judge Sara J. Harper.

Her illustrious career spans the decades, as one who has toppled barriers, and made history. Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1926, Judge Harper was the first African-American woman to graduate from Case Western Reserve University Law School. She also was the first woman to serve on the judiciary of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, she won a seat on the Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals, becoming one of the first of two African-American women elected to the court in 1990.

Judge Harper twice was a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court -- for chief justice in 1980 and for justice in 1994. And she was the first African-American woman appointed to sit on the state's high court in 1992.

Judge Sara Harper

Judge Sara Harper

See photos and a video from the ceremony for Judge Sara Harper

Cleveland Cooks™ - Lithuanian appetizers, entrees and desserts

The Cleveland Food Adventurers Passport event in February 2016 was at the Lithuanian Club on East 185th Street.

Ruta Degutis and Linas Johansonas told about the entrees of Lithuania that would be served.

Linas Johansonas explaining the entrees

Linas Johansonas explaining the entrees

The potato is the main crop of Lithuania so the entrees naturally use that. The entrees included Cepelinai, the national dish of Lithuanian along with Kugelis (potato pudding), Vedarai (potato sausage) and a more familiar sausage and sauerkraut.

More of the Lithuanian Food Adventure

Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt

The Cleveland Museum of Art Presents Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt. The Exhibition examines the myths and realities of the Egyptian kings' power through extraordinary ancient objects from the British Museum.

Pharaoh exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Art

Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt brings 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian history to life through some of the finest objects from the British Museum's vast holdings and several of Cleveland's own masterworks. The first Egyptian art exhibition organized at the Cleveland Museum of Art since 1996, Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt looks past the myth to reveal the carefully designed personas of the Egyptian kings and explore the realities of daily life for the ancient royals.

Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt, a centennial special exhibition, is on view in the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Hall from March 13 through June 12, 2016.

Pharaoh exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Art

Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt includes more than 150 objects, from monumental sculpture to exquisite jewelry. While many objects on view were created to project a regal, all-powerful image of the pharaoh, the story that emerges is also one of a country at times divided by civil war, conquered by foreign powers or ruled by competing kings. These ancient rulers were not always male, or even Egyptian, but they shared the challenges of ruling one of the greatest civilizations the world has seen.

See more from the Pharoah exhibit

Cleveland Cooks™ - Lithuanian Tree Cake (Sakotis or Baumkuchen)

The Cleveland Food Adventurers Passport event in February 2016 was at the Lithuanian Club on East 185th Street.

Sakotis means "branched tree" or "tree with many branches" due to its distinctive shape (it is often conical, like a pine tree, and with the drips as branches). It is baked in a time- and labor-intensive process, by painting layers of dough onto a rotating spit in a special open oven or over an open fire.

It can be decorated with chocolate and flower ornaments, but it is often served plain. Šakotis is one of the most important desserts in Lithuanian celebrations, especially at weddings or other special occasions such as Christmas.

Dainius Zalensas baking a Lithuanian tree cake

Dainius Zalensas baking a Lithuanian tree cake

More of the Lithuanian Tree Cake

ClevelandSenior Humor

I was visiting my daughter last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

"This is the 21st century" she said. "We don't waste money on newspapers. Here, use my iPad."

I can tell you this... that darned fly never knew what hit him.

Hope the lifeguard sees their Facebook pages

Cellphone help

Not too far in the Future

Angels trying to text

ClevelandSeniors.Com Book of the Week


In boyhood, Louis Zamperini was an incorrigible delinquent. As a teenager, he channeled his defiance into running, discovering a prodigious talent that had carried him to the Berlin Olympics. But when World War II began, the athlete became an airman, embarking on a journey that led to a doomed flight on a May afternoon in 1943. When his Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean, against all odds, Zamperini survived, adrift on a foundering life raft.

Ahead of Zamperini lay thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks, thirst and starvation, enemy aircraft, and, beyond, a trial even greater. Driven to the limits of endurance, Zamperini would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humor; brutality with rebellion. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended on the fraying wire of his will.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

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