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Cleveland Indians renovate baseball fields in Hough

The Cleveland Indians hosted the fourth annual Fields for the Future project on Thursday, May 10 at Thurgood Marshall Recreation on Cleveland's East Side.

Along with Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan and his wife Karen, Indians catcher Yan Gomes and his wife Jenna, who made a financial donation to support the project, City of Cleveland Assitant Director of Public Works Kim Johnson, City of Cleveland Councilman Basheer Jones, State Representative Stephanie Howse, and staff from U.S. Representative Marcia Fudge's office were on hand to unveil renovations. Local youth then played a game on the newly renovated field.

The Fields for the Future program began in 2015 at Luke Easter Park on Cleveland's East Side. In 2016, a field was renovated at Gunning Park and in 2017, a field was renovated at Halloran Park. According to the City of Cleveland, field usage improved tremendously after the renovations, with the number of games played at the field growing four-fold.

Cleveland Indians mascot Slider with Yan Gomes and kids

Cleveland Indians mascot Slider with Yan Gomes and kids

See photos and videos of the Cleveland Indians Charities project

Superman wasn’t born on Krypton. He was born in Cleveland.

More precisely he was born at 10622 Kimberly Ave. in Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood.

While attending Glenville High School in Cleveland in early 1933, Jerry Siegel wrote a short story, illustrated by his friend and classmate Joe Shuster, titled “The Reign of the Superman”, which Siegel self-published in his fanzine, Science Fiction #3. Originally Superman was a villain but in June 1933 Siegel developed a new character, also named Superman, but now a heroic character.

“This is the house where Superman was born,” reads the sign hanging on the fence in front of 10622 Kimberly Ave. It’s a private home.

Superman logo on home of Jerry Siegel

home of Superman creator Jerry Siegel

See more from Superman creator Jerry Siegel's home


Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals

The defending NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers are in the 2017 NBA Finals. If you haven't been down to the Q here are some photos of the banners around the arena. Go Cavs! Defend the Land!

Lebron James - Defend the Land

Lebron James - Defend the Land

See more of the Cleveland Cavaliers Banners


Cleveland Public Square

If you haven't see the remodeled Public Square, here is a quick look. The four quadrants of Public Square are connected and features lots of green space, a restaurant, speaking area and water feature.

statue of Mayor Tom L Johnson in Cleveland

Statue of Mayor Tom L Johnson

statue of Mayor Tom L Johnson in Cleveland

See more of Cleveland Public Square


GE Nela Park Christmas Light Display 2015

Many of you may remember driving through the GE Nela Park campus on Noble Road in East Cleveland as a kid and being mesmerized by the amazing Christmas lighting display. While you haven't been able to drive through Nela Park for many years you can see the brilliant display along Noble Road. If you drive, be prepared for cars moving very slowly - and even stopping - as they ooh and aahh at the display. A better option is to pull into the Nela Park main road and park in one of the Visitor spots and walk along the display route.

It is another Cleveland treasure and should be visited in person. View some photos of the 2015 display to whet your appetite.

GE Nela Park Christmas Light Display 2015 in East Cleveland

Note the Chandelier in this Playhouse Square tribute

GE Nela Park Christmas Light Display 2015


2014 Cleveland Holiday Store

Lots of special offers and gifts about Cleveland and for Cleveland people

Cleveland Christmas Store

100th anniversary of the birth of Cleveland Mayor Ralph J. Perk

Ralph J. Perk served as the 52nd mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. He was born on January 19, 1914 which makes this the 100th anniversary of his birth. A celebration commemorating the event was held on January 17, 2014 in the Michael Schwarz Library of Cleveland State University (CSU).

Richard Klein, Rocky Perk, Mary Rose Oakar, Taras Szmalaga,  Irene Morrow and Vlad Rus

Richard Klein, Rocky Perk, Mary Rose Oakar,
Taras Szmalaga, Irene Morrow and Vlad Rus

See more from the 100th anniversary celebration


Tall Ships Festival

July 4-7, 2013

The Port of Cleveland Tall Ships Festival was presented by The Rotary Club of Cleveland on July 4 - 7, 2013. The Festival showcased the diverse Great Lakes maritime history, spotlighting environmental themes while promoting youth leadership through sail training.

Pirate girls

Photos and video from the Tall Ships Festival

Sisters Under Sail - Women Sailors

Don't think that Tall Ships and sailing are just for the guys.

Dawn Santamaria and her all female crew, the only all-female crew of the Tall Ships, sail the tall ship Unicorn. Dawn saw the confidence and empowerment that her 4 daughters gained from sailing on the 110-foot tall ship so she created the program to help young women grow.

Little girl at wheel of Tall Ship in Cleveland

Photos and video of Women and Girls at the Tall Ships Festival

Bust of Mark Twain

Sculptor Frank Jirouch created the bust in 1935 and schoolchildren from Hawken School restored it to the American Cultural Garden in Cleveland in 2012.

Mark Twain bust in Cleveland Cultural Garden

See more and take a virtual tour of the Mark Twain bust

Public Square Holiday Display 2012

Christmas display in downtown Cleveland on Public Square

Chinese Year of the Dragon
Public Art in Cleveland
See all the Dragons and then you can Vote for your Favorite if you want

Vibrant Existence Dragon Public Art

Where would you find President Garfield
and his wife's Final Resting Spot?

Where would you find this "Ideal Boy"?
And why is he "Ideal"

Who is this woman in the sculpture
And what is her connection to the location?

Who is this man in the statue
And where In Cleveland would you find it?

Why was a name chiseled out of the
Cuyahoga County Court house cornerstone?

Where is the Holy Oil Can Church?
And why is it called that?

Where is this wood carving of a woman?
Even City officials couldn't find it for many years

Where is the Cozad-Bates House?
Underground Railroad Station

Where is this statue of Andrew Kim?
And who is Andrew Kim?

Where is this Castle?
Squire's Castle - is it haunted

Where is this statue of John T. Corrigan?
Battle of the Bulge vet and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

Where is this statue of Abraham Lincoln?
It was a gift of Cleveland school children in 1932

Where was this Underground Railroad stop?
Amid the quaint shops and historic buildings

Where was the Collinwood School Fire of 1908?
And where is the Memorial to the tragedy?

Where is Arachne weaving her web?
Art from recyclables in this beautiful nature area

Do you remember Monkey Island?
There's a colorful new twist at the Zoo

18' Jazz man Statue - and his dog
Where would you find this new statue in Cleveland?

Jesse Owens Statue
Where would you find this statue of the Olympic Champion?

Leader of the Rat Pack
Where would you find this swinging rat?

Daffodils, daffodils and more daffodils
Where would you find all these daffodils?

Where would you find Fort Huntington?
Named for Ohio's 3rd Governor

Where would you find the Pacelli Lion?
And why is it painted blue?

Where was President Garfield's home?
And why was it named Lawnfield?

Where is this statue of Mayor Tom L. Johnson?
No, not on Public Square

Where was John W. Heisman Born?
The Heisman Trophy was named for him

Harvey House
What is special about this house - and where is it?

General Edward Paine Statue
Where would you find this monument?

John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil
Where would you find this tribute?

Over 20 unique columns
Where would you find this walkway?

Plaque in a hotel lobby
What is interesting about this well-known location?

Civil War Armory
Where would you find this historic structure?

Huge Guitars
Where would you find these enormous guitars?

Pig Sculptures
Where would you find these 40 Pigs?

Hungarian Freedom Fighter of 1956
Where would you find this newly (6-16-07) dedicated statue?

Fire Fighters Memorial
Where would you find this tribute to brave Cleveland Fire Fighters?

World War II Memorial
Where would you find this World War II Memorial?

Wind Turbine
Where would you find this 150' Wind Turbine?

Arch Detail
Where would you find this interesting figure?

Iron Sculpture
Where would you find this intimidating figure?

Urban Greenery
Where would you find this urban refuge?

Garrett A. Morgan Marker
Where is this great inventor's Historical Marker?

Louis (Lajos) Kossuth
Where is this great stateman's Statue?

Ribbit, Gree-deep
Where is this Frog Statue?

Where is this Walk-along Rosary?
No, not in France

Where is this marker?
And who was Terry?

Where are these doors?
Hint - It's not a Church

Where is this 75' Windmill?
Hint - President Garfield would know

Where is this Statue
of Marcus Alonzo Hanna?

Where is this Historical Monument?
to William E. Telling

Where is this tribute?
to World War II General Jimmy Doolittle?

drugstore.com, inc.

Where is this building
with the flag design painted?

Where is the Lebron James
"We are all witnesses" sign?

Where is the Fire Fighters Memorial?
Photo Quiz # 24 - Where Am I?

Where is this monument?
Photo Quiz # 23 - Where Am I?

Where is this little man?
Photo Quiz # 22 - Where Am I?

Where would you find this slide?
Photo Quiz # 21 - Where Am I?

Where is this Statue?
Photo Quiz # 20 - Where Am I?

Flipper - on dry land?
Photo Quiz # 19 - Where Am I?

Ghost Rider? I need a drink!
Photo Quiz # 18 - Where Am I?

Don't think to had about this one - it's easy!
Photo Quiz # 17 - Where Am I?

17 miles to Achill island?
Photo Quiz # 16 - Where Am I?

A long mural on a city street
Photo Quiz # 15 - Where Am I?

It's not really a landing spot for UFOs
Photo Quiz # 14 - Where Am I?

"People" entering and exiting the maze?
Photo Quiz # 13 - Where Am I?

Boo! Where did these scarecrows pop up?
Photo Quiz # 12 - Where Am I?

Microsoft - Windows Marketplace

Where is this BIG logo located?
Photo Quiz # 11 - Where Am I?

Where was Superman born?
Photo Quiz # 10 - Where Am I?

What's the Buzz? Where is this "WASP"?
Photo Quiz # 9 - Where Am I?

Viking Leif Ericson Statue
Photo Quiz # 8 - Where Am I?

Richard Wagner Statue
Photo Quiz # 7 - Where Am I?

G'Day Mate
Photo Quiz # 6 - Where Am I?

A Tower but not Terminal
Photo Quiz # 5 - Where Am I?

Peaceful Edifice - Photo Quiz # 4
What and Where am I?

It's all Politics - Photo Quiz # 3
Where am I?

Bach to the Future - Photo Quiz # 2
Where am I?

Woo-Woo! - Photo Quiz # 1
Where am I?

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