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September 11 - One Year Later
Our readers share their feelings

I lost 72 "brother" officers that day. Granted, I am only an auxiliary officer.... but it could be any of us who might pay the ultimate price. The week after the attacks, several thousand of us (police and fire personnel) gathered at our respective monuments (the police at the police monument at W 3rd and Lakeside the fire/ems guys meeting at the fire monument at 9th and lakeside)

We marched from our monument in formation in total silence to meet the fire guys at 9th and lakeside, where they joined the formation. From there, we marched to the Cathedral for a Mass celebrated by Bishop Pilla.

The cathedral was packed in a sea of blue. A lot of us had tears in our eyes that night. If the terrorists meant to destroy our resolve as a nation... they failed. We showed them that night that we are still a "family".
- Patrick Cater

My biggest concern is the troops we have over there. We've got soldiers everywhere, and I just hope people remember them. After all the flag waiving and "God Bless Americas" are over these kids are still off in some God-forsaken country, and I think people forget that. God, I hope they don't
- Pat Brennan

I think (from being a non-citizen myself) that what happened on that morning, made just about EVERYONE in this country, born here or not, feel 100% American and very patriotic and willing to stand up and say so. I hope that some of the unity that we all felt then, if even a fraction, continues to bond us. And I am so glad to see that because of the actions of many heroes on September 11th more 'regular' people are courageous enough to take a stand against wrongdoing.
- Ingela Haggstrom

All I know is that the world does seem a lot more fragile now. We seem to have lost a nave sense of invulnerability.
- Greg Mangino

We should all take a moment to thank God that we still live in a free country. I can't help but reflect on what I was doing on that tragic morning - I was touring the Capitol Building at the same time the Pentagon was being struck. As I think back on my thoughts and feelings of that day I can say it really re-enforced my values. A year later I am so very happy to have my faith, friends and family.
- Honorable Bridget McCafferty, Court of Common Please

As an ex-Marine I can only same I know this country is prepared for any eventuality. I wish I could serve again today. It's a sad way to live, but I find I'm more cautious about things - I used to leave my house and car open, but no more. I used to trust just about everybody until they showed me they couldn't be trusted. Now, it's just the opposite> I don't trust anyone, you just can't.
- Joe Buerger

We have to go after those bastards that tried to take away everything we all fought for. They tried, but it didn't work did it? It makes me shudder to think how many people died to make this country so great and one group of deranged fanatics thinks they can change all that. Never happen.
- John Murphy

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