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Paper Handkerchief Tree in England

Paper Handkerchief Tree (from a friend in England)

Sap from Oak Tree Wound
What can be done to stop the dripping and save the tree?

Sunset Maple Tree
Are the surface roots a problem?

Life Expectancy of a Tree
Is my Japanese Maple just too old?

Fall Foliage
Why do Leaves Change Colors

Maple tree is wilting
Too much or too little water

Maple Saplings
How to transplant

Red Maple tree wilting
How you water matters

Maple tree roots severed
Can it be saved?

Maple tree with dirt on roots!
How to save

Neighbor cutting my tree!
What can we do?

Trimming a Spruce Tree
Candle Pruning

Oak Tree and Ants
And other tree injuries

Oak Tree insects
Carpenter ants and foamy substance

Oak Tree roots cut
By Cable Company - what to do?

Dutch Elm Disease
Symptoms and Treatments

Elm Tree Dying
Sounds like Dutch Elm Disease

Damaged Wisconsin Willow Tree
Don't pull off the bark

Starting a Willow Tree
Start a new tree from cuttings

Pond going dry
Did willow tree dry it up?

Willow Tree Damage
Did the late frost kill it?

Willow Tree Roots
Will they die off or...?

Willow Trees
Start tree from branch?

Japanese Maple Tree
Crack from snow weight - can it be saved?

Willow Trees
How long do they live?

Norway Maple Tree
Loaded with Seeds

Sugar Maple Tree
Same size as in the 1940's?

Laurel Oak Tree
Roots causing problems

Japanese Maple Tree
Dry and Dead Leaves - can it be saved?

Christmas Tree has crack
Can it be repaired?

Needs to Replace Old Oak Tree
but lots of standing water

Emerald Cedar Trees
as a Privacy Fence

Weeping Willow Tree
Deadwood and Decay

Buying a new tree
Stakes and Root Flares

Fertilizing Trees
NPK and what they need

Red Maple Tree
Too much water?

Weeping Willow Tree
Will roots live on after removal?

Weeping Willow Tree
Near in-ground swimming pool

Maple Tree dying
Is it the earwigs?

Japanese Maple Tree
Verticillium Wilt

Trees shedding bark
Is it the heat?

Nails in Oak Tree
Should they be removed?

Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree
Can it grow from a sapling?

Red bumps on leaves
of Maple Trees

Helicopters from Maple Trees
Can they be stopped?

Norway Maple Tree
Prune to keep variegated?

Filling a Cavity in an Elm Tree
Should we and how?

Japanese Maple Tree
Large branch broke off

Red Bartlet Pear Tree
Time to start over?

Weeping Willow Tree
Black spots and yellow leaves

Magnolia Tree yellowing
Could Round-Up be the cause?

Maple Trees and Syrup Grading
US and Canada

Helicopters from Maple Trees
When do they fall?

Magnolia Tree Problems
Poorly drained soil?

Maple Tree Cut Down
Replant over it?

Weeping Willow Tree and Lake
From the land down under

Maple Tree Split
At the trunk. Any hope?

Oak Tree Wilt
In Cleveland?

Weeping Willow Tree
Miniature growing too Fast

Weeping Willow Tree
Yellow Leaves with Spots

Weeping Willow Tree
Not Growing

Weeping Willow Tree
Salix Babylon Variety

Sunset Maple Tree Problems
What to Do

Odd Pine Tree
Can our expert identify?

Powdery Substance
On Maple Tree

Norway Maple Tree
With a Wounded Trunk

Taking Care of a Maple Tree
That was planted from a seed

Cables and Rods
To fix storm damage

Weeping Willow Tree
Dead Limbs

Red Sunset Maple Tree
Care and Feeding

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple Tree
Grow in Container?

Can Helicopters from Maple Trees
Be Stopped from Producing?

Woodpecker in Maple Tree
What to do about Woody

Helicopters from Maple Trees
Your questions answered

Japanese Maple Tree
Wilting from too much rain?

Ginko Tree
Determining male from female

Laurel Leaf Willow Tree
Problems with pH?

Oak Tree Wilt
Should I be concerned?

Oak Tree left with a hole
and Ants in the Sawdust

Magnolia Tree
Has Never Bloomed

Leyland Cypress Trees
In poor drainage area?

Red Sunset Maple Trees
Life Expectancy and Care

Planting a Japanese Maple Tree
What time of year is best?

Pounding Nails in Tree
Damage or Not Even Noticed?

Removing a Weeping Willow Tree
Is their online information?

Planting a Maple Tree near a Black Walnut
Tolerance to planting in proximity

Hard vs Soft Maple Trees
Which have more sap? More Colorful?

Getting a new tree
"Grown-up" or Sapling better?

Feeding a Maple Tree
Looking for growth

Can I cut a neighbor's tree
If the branches are in my yard?

Horse Chestnut Tree
Covered in Ivy

Weeping Willow Tree
What to Prune

Male and Female Trees?
True or a Joke?

Maple Tree Helicopters
Why so many this year, planting, clean up

Removing a Tree
Down to the roots

How big should a tree be when I plant it?
Plan ahead

When should I plant new trees?
The timing may surprise you

Maple Tree Advice
Care and Maintenance

Why do initials carved in a tree stay the same height
When the tree grows taller?

What's that purple tree I saw?
Some tree sleuthing

Ants infesting a tree
What to do?

Bringing a tree inside
for the Holidays

Transplanting a Christmas Tree Outside
After the Holidays

Allergic to Christmas Trees
Source for cut-your-own trees

Picking the right Christmas Tree
and taking care of it

Moving Red Oaks
Can it be done and how?

Moving Red Oaks
Part 2

Ivy on trees and the house
To pull off or not?

Treehouse removed and bolt holes left
How best to fill them

Getting to the root of the matter
Roots in the plumbing - in Winter?

It's Snow Use
Protecting trees from the snow?

When a Blue Spruce turns brown
Your question answered

Getting trees and shrubs ready for Winter
It's that time again

The lack of rain and your trees
The July drought

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